Hunter x Hunter : Anime Review (2011)



Gon Freecs, son of Ging Freecs, dreams of becoming a Professional hunter. He’d learned with his Aunt that his father left him to pursue his desire to become a great hunter. That story gave him an interest to become like his father. Being a Hunter is not easy. Hunters are people who are adventurous and courageous. They won’t stop exploring things. To become a hunter, it means you’re hunting for something. Hunters also are kind of people who are liked by animals. Many are dying to become a Professional Hunter because of its incentive .You can go in many places with free transportation, got discounts on items and can assure you with a financial wealth. Within the story, Gon’s adventures towards his dream with his friends Killua, Kurapika and Leorio will be shown.



Hunter x Hunter (2011) is a shounen anime that unexpectedly I got hook on. The original version of this anime was released (1999). The series that time just stop. It took a long time span to get it back again on television. There are some parts shown in Hunter x Hunter (1999) that was get edited in the 2011 version. In comparison, 2011 is way better from 1999 because of the drawing. I was able to finish the 7 Story Arcs in Anime Season. I first watched it on GMA 7 morning Anime marathon. I’m familiar with hunter x hunter because I’ve already watched some episodes when I was in elementary. I like the team up of these four hunters: Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio.  I find their group balance. The Hunter Exam Arc gave excitement to me. I like adventure types of anime. I used to like Naruto before. I don’t know now but I prefer this one. Naruto became too popular. I was turned off because of that.



I am not familiar with all the songs here in Hunter x Hunter unlike K-ON. I like the opening song, “Departure”. I’ve search the English lyrics of this song. It gives positive vibes. There is a Gon and Killua Version. It so cute! I also like “Hunting for your Dream” and “Reason”.


The entire anime is divided by story arcs. (148 episodes)

  • Hunter Exam Arc
  • Zoldyck Family Arc
  • Heavens Arena Arc
  • York New Arc
  • Greed Island Arc
  • Chimera Ant Arc
  • Hunter Chairman Election Arc

The summary of each story arcs is in Hunterpedia. My favorite story Arc would be Hunter Exam Arc, York New City Arc and Chimera Ant Arc. The Hunter Exam Arc is the beginning of all the adventure. The four main characters met in this Arc. Their friendship was all develop here. Each of them has their own reasons why they took the Hunter Exam. It is the foundation of the whole story. At first, I really think about it hard. I really don’t know what the function of a hunter is. I’m very familiar with Ninjas (fighting with shurikens) and Samurais (fighting with sword). I used to play RPG online and in PlayStation before. Hunters are usually associated with an arrow and bow. But in Hunter x Hunter Anime Series, Hunters uses “NEN techniques” in combats. I thought I won’t like Anime with super powers anymore but I suddenly got an interest with the whole story of this anime.


You can learn all the details about “NEN” through Hunterpedia. Gon and Killua’s training about “NEN” was shown in Heavens Arena Arc. While Kurapika got to have his mentor. Leorio learned it while studying to become a doctor. In real life, it’s about Aura. Aura is like a big color bubble that shows a person’s life glow. The color defines a person purpose and strength. In the anime, it was presented as NEN power. A REAL HUNTER should see NEN, be expert in using NEN for combat and control NEN Power with all cost. You are not a hunter if you can’t do that. Every Hunter has its specialty.I like Kurapika’s NEN technique which is called the “Emperor Time”.I find it really dangerous but powerful at the same time. It was shown in the York New City Arc.

640 (2)

Neon Nostrade’s Nen Ability is also interesting. It is called the “The lovely ghost writer”. It can predict the future. But Neon won’t remember anything. It’s cool.

640 (1)

All the real battle started in that story Arc. I got thrilled to watch it continuously. This Arc was full of excitement. It’s Kurapika’s battle against the Phantom Troupe. Though it’s really VIOLENT and kinda BRUTAL, I was able to finish the arc with no regret. I kinda enjoyed it. I just tried myself if I can handle watching such kind of plot. I need to be versatile in making reviews so I must try! I guess BLEACH is scarier and more violent than Hunter x Hunter. Well it’s only in my opinion.


I also like the Auction Culture in York New City Arc. Finding rare items is kinda interesting. I would love to be a “Treasure Hunter” like my favourite character Biscuit Kruenger. I also like her NEN Abilities. She’s Gon and Killua’s Nen Mentor in Greed Island Arc. The Chimera Ant Arc is extremely more violent than York New City Arc. Do I need to explain why? Watch the anime if you want to know. I found this Hunter x Hunter fan Youtuber. We have same thoughts about the Chimera Ant Arc. Watch him here: Chibireviews.   I talked about Hunter x Hunter like it was all about violence but it’s actually not. I can still see some values and life lessons that the anime can offer to its audience like the value of friendship, a hero’s legacy, good team work, true love and the kind of attitude in pursuing a dream.




Gon is an athletic, rustic and friendly boy who is searching for adventure. Also, he isn’t very good at math. However, having spent a lot of time in the woods as a child, he is very good with animals. Gon is an Enhancer, who are known for being simple minded and determined. This determination and talent lead to both potential allies and potential enemies trusting in him and taking his side. He has inhuman senses; Gon has a heightened sense of smell like a dog and has a very good vision, as well as having a very keen taste. Gon wants to become a hunter because he wishes to find out the depths of an occupation that would cause a father to choose the profession over being with his own son.



Killua is introduces as a character who seems similar to Gon but different at the same time. He’s cheeky, cheerful and full of mischievous ideas. He is also one of the quickest-thinking characters in the series. He is confident in his own abilities, often being humble about it; but when somebody compliments him, especially Gon, He gets easily embarrassed. Killua is also known for having a sweet tooth; he loved everything sweet, as he spent almost 200 million jennies on snacks when he was at the heavens Arena. His favourite snack is chocolate. However, his ruthlessness and aptitude in killing shows the other side of him — deadly, violent, and bloodthirsty. Having been tortured since birth, Killua has been conditioned to possess extreme tolerance for poison, electricity and pain. Killua possesses extraordinary agility and strength that makes him a one-man killing machine — definitely not one to be trifled with.


latest (2)

Kurapika is a level-headed and intelligent individual, possessing vast knowledge. He is reticent; not one to open up to people easily and quite judgemental. His distance from others initially keeps him level-headed and moralistic, but his heart has been poisoned with sadness and hatred. Having been traumatized from losing everyone he loved at the age of twelve, Kurapika closes his heart to new people and remains introverted as to stay focused on his goal. Though Kurapika outwardly states that he desires to become a blacklist hunter and his ultimate goal is to capture the Phantom Troupe that massacred his family, his fury allows him to compromise his personal morality and delve into the squalid side of society.

LEORIO 270f5f2e2c3637cb99170804a5875480

Leorio is initially introduced as a very selfish narcissist who places great emphasis on material wealth. Despite his assertions that he is only after money, he eventually reveals to Kurapika that his dream one day is to become a doctor in order to help the poor. He believes that all the things in the world (lives, dreams, etc.) can be bought and that becoming a hunter will provide him with necessary funds for his medical education. Due to his first spat with Kurapika, as well as the test on the way to the navigator’s cabin, it seems that he has sensitivity for those who do not take him seriously or treat him with disrespect. His real priorities seem to be friends first, then his dream of becoming a great doctor, with everything else afterwards.



Biscuit has a devious personality. She initially uses her cutesy appearance and demeanor to her advantage whether it’s for information gathering, getting what she wants, or even in combat by acting innocent and helpless so most people will usually put their guards down around her. However, as a teacher of Nen, she has a stern and serious attitude towards her students. She’s also prone to violent outbursts whenever she is left out of a conversation or reminded of her true age (with Killua often being the victim because of his wisecracks about it.) As a treasure hunter, Biscuit loves collecting rare jewels (and gets very excited about them, and has a habit of naming them) and getting the money. Though in the beginning she was out to destroy Gon and Killua’s friendship, at the end of the Greed Island she acknowledges that she’s close to developing parental feelings toward the two of them.


This is the 1999 anime version. What do you think?

The Mad House Studios produces the Re-make of Hunter x Hunter. As I have observed it’s a combination of Korean and Japanese Production staff. The remake is better. I won’t suggest anything. But to Yoshihiro Togashi, I hope he can make the four lead characters always together. I’m looking forward to the progress of the manga series. I hope Biscuit Kruenger will have some back story. The drawing is appropriate with the story. It’s not flashy. It’s not crayon type. I like it.


Some people will say that it’s almost like Ghost Fighter because of the main characters. Maybe it’s just because of that. I’m also like that before but I’ve realized that it’s really different. I don’t like Ghost fighter. I prefer Hunter x Hunter because of the story, characters persona and the combats creativity.


Gon and Killua’s friendship is given emphasis in this anime series. I adore their relationship as best friends. Unlike other same circle buddies with a lot of common things, Gon and Killua are from different worlds. Gon is an earnest, innocent and optimistic boy who lives in Whale Island. In modern times, he’s like a typical country boy who doesn’t know anything about City life. On the other hand, Killua is a mischievous, snobbish and cautious boy who came from a wealthy Assassin family. He even lives in a mansion with butlers. There’s an episode where Killua told something about a Joystaytion (it’s like PlayStation) but Gon doesn’t have an idea what Joy station is. Their misunderstandings made me laugh. Their relationship as Best Friends worked out because they need each other. They complement each other’s needs.


The character I got annoyed with is Hisoka. Hisoka looks like a circus clown. Killing is just a hobby to him. He does look a hentai whenever I see him. He’s very close with Illumi, Killua’s older brother. I got a feeling that he’s gay. When it comes to combat, he possesses strong NEN ability that is called Bungee Gum Technique. I hope he participated in Chimera Ant Arc. He’s a strong hunter. I think he should use his ability with a life rewarding mission.

images (1)

Before I like Kurapika, I said to myself that he’ll be my favourite character for this anime. I continue watching but he doesn’t have much exposure in story arcs. He’s same with Leorio. It’s almost a Gon-Killua Adventure story as I watched the entire series. I got bored with the Greed Island Arc. But, I got to know Biscuit Kruenger in that Story Arc. I prefer a female character. She’s cute and a real fun character. At first look, she really does look like a 12 year old girl. (same age with Gon and Killua) It’s just so deceiving because her actual age is in the 50s already. OMG! Her Nen was able to do that.


It’s just amazing. I was thinking to cosplay her someday. I am so ambitious! (Laughs!) Being a treasure hunter is a more interesting profession for me. As a Nen Trainer, I really admire her patience with these two boys. I can relate with her. I prefer Killua as my most-liked in the main characters,  I like him because he’s cute, strong  and a real friend. His NEN ability is also strong. (Thunderbolt/God Speed) Though he has his own weakness, His BAD-ASS ASSASSIN charm was really attractive. Why am I saying this? (laughs)

Watch this video to know what I am talking about:

I can’t really tell that I love this anime but it made me sit in front of the computer and watch episode by episode non-stop. If it happened to me, It does mean that the story is good and worth watching. I prefer the anime series than the movie. If you’re into martial art combats, adventure  and shounen anime, this one is for you!

Hunter x Hunter! Osu!!!! 

Screen Shots and Photo Credit: Hunterpedia 

 Rating: 8.5  out of 10


33 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter : Anime Review (2011)

  1. I only watched some parts of the remake; I think where the Greed Island story left off. Although a lot of my anime-addict friends are pushing me to watch the whole series. I’m just so lazy to do that these days.

    Oh, I’m half in love with Killua! Who wouldn’t love this guy?


    1. Actually, I didn’t expect to like this anime. But, I end up watching the whole series. haha! In my review, I haven’t discuss the Chimera Ant Arc which is the longest story arc. >.< I'd rather put a link of a HxH fan youtuber.

      Yeah! Killua Zoldyck is love! ❤ Thanks for your comment, Alona! ^^v


      1. Yes. I love Killua too.. 😍 haha.. He’s also smart in planning how to attack the king in the chimera ant arc just in case you remember. Haha..! He looks snob but you know his heart is gentle especially to those he loves❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have always wanted to try HxH(2011) but always hesitated because of the number of episodes. NEN sounds like an interestingly new concept though, even its like the anime version of a real-life concept of aura!

    I think a lot of people like Killua too. Looks like the kind of character I will like as well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah… It’s so looooooooong! It’s even divided with Semi-Arcs but I was able to finish it… Can you imagine that? 0.0 look at my eyes..hahaha.. I know it’s not finish yet…so …there’s more…
      I like the NEN Concept actually.. 😀 haha
      Ah yeah… #1 on favorite character rankings on Polls.. haha! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah… Actually, I miss you Lita! But hey we’re connected in twitter too..hahaha! :p Maybe, I should check out Chibi Reviews as well.. 😀 I’ve been i have anew job too. I miss watching anime! >,< my next anime review would be ouran high..i guess,, 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’d missed you too yuss we have Twitter !! I love chibi reviews awesome anime reviewer. I have a new job too so been trying to squeeze it in ^^ oo ouran I look forward !!


    1. Thanks. So far its the longest anime review that I blog. Haha.. ! I always do honest reviews on anything.. hope we have the same thoughts about this anime.. did you see all the arcs already? Whats your favorite arc?


      1. I only got to greed island, because i didn’t have access to the other episodes, but i loved the hunter exam and the heavens arena. You anime reviews are excellent. Not to pile the work on, but I think you should do more, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah i see. You must finish it…greed island is just okay.. next there is chimera ant and hunter chairman arcs… epic fights are in chimera ant… i like the hunter exam… heavens arena is fun too.😊 haha.. thanks! I actually want to do more…😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually, it is also my favorite series… Haha! ❤ I really enjoyed watching it. It has a great story and characters to look out for. Thanks for reading LR! Do you have an idea when they will release DC arc as anime? Who's your fave character here? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well then that’s excellent!

        Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be seeing the Dark Continent arc any time soon as an anime 😦 The manga has only had 20 chapters since the anime ended because it keeps going on hiatus due to the manga artist suffering from illness and back pains 😦

        I’m not sure if you’ve been reading the manga, but the DC arc has been amazing so far. We got probably one of the best fights in the series recently!

        My favourite is most definitely Killua. I love how he holds the show together through his friendship with Gon! I did a post about Killua recently on my blog and why he’s my favourite if you’re interested!

        I also really liked Feitan, Meruem and Gon of course.

        I kind of loved everyone actually… Except Pike. He was creepy!

        How about you?

        And no problem, it’s great to see more Hunter x Hunter fans here! I enjoy your posts!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I love Killua and Biscuit Kruenger . 😀 I haven’t read the manga though I am just looking on chibireviews (YT) about it. I think it’s doing very well. 😀 King Mureum seems creepy too at first but realized that he’s he still can be humane. haha..
        The Hunter Chairman back story is cool too.. 🙂
        I like to read you blog about Killua. Can you give me a link? Thanks! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  3. This was the first anime I watched so it holds a special place in my heart and it will always be one of my favorites. Hunter X Hunter took me on such a wonderful journey and I loved pretty much all of the characters…except for Hisoka, like you said. He just creeped me out and he can be quite annoying sometimes.
    I loved this review so much! You did such a great job with the breakdown of the characters and describing your pros and cons of this anime, which made this review such an enjoyable read! 😄😄
    If you want, you can check out my blog review for this anime here:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! Thank you so much Geeky Girl Writes! I glad that you enjoyed reading my review about HxH. It’s also my favorite shounen movie. I love the story concept and the characters. Each arc is thrilling and action pack. 😀 I am happy to hear that someone shares the same though about this anime too! ^^~ I followed you back in WP. good to meet a fellow reviewer like you too! cheers to more!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, cheers to more! 😄
        There are two Hunter X Hunter movies that follow the 2011 series and they are both really awesome, especially the movie about Kurapika. That movie definitely took me on a feels trip and I cried a whole ton!

        Liked by 1 person

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