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LIE TO ME : Korean Drama Review

Lie-to-Me34 Synopsis:

Gong Ah Jung, a level 5 Ministry of Culture official, gets entangled in a web of lies when she mistakenly lies that she’s married to Hyun Ki Joon, a hotel manager from an affluent family. Their relationship is further complicated when Ki Joon’s ex-fiancée and a close friend of his brother’s, Oh Yoon Joo, reappears in his life.  


I like YOON EUN HYE since Princess Hours days. She is my all time favorite Korean actress. I love her beauty, fashion style, acting skills and professionalism.  ♥ forever girl crush! hehehehe… And so , I’ve decided to watch her 2011 Drama. (After my Fair Lady ) Anyway, It’s been a long time since I’ve written a Drama Review. Omo! I miss watching Dramas particularly Korean Dramas. Even though I’m seeing Koreans (live) everyday, watching their Dramas will always be my favorite hobby. 🙂 Now, I’ve  decided to make time watching dramas and making  reviews. I miss blogging BIG TIME! >.<  Oh dear wordpress.. My commitment to you ~~~ Okay, My 1st review for 2012 is Lie to Me 2011 Drama (Also known as 내게 거짓말을 해봐 / Naege Geojitmaleul Haebwa ) Starring Yoon Eun Hye and Kang ji Hwan. Genre : Romantic Comedy Drama…


Yoon Eun Hye as Gong Ah Jung.  Gong Ah Jung

is a Culture Ministry officer. She’s clumsy, crazy, careless yet a lovable and adorable character. The hairstyle.. I love it! ^_^ I love Ah Jung. I can relate into her. When she loves someone, she is persistent. Her first love is sunbae. I forgot the name of sunbae. He’s an attorney. Her best friend knew in the start that she really likes this guy; but, in the end sunbae and this bestfriend became a couple. Ah jung’s world shattered. you know what I mean?! Still, It’s hard for her to let go untill she met Hyun Ki Joon. 

Kang Ji Hwan as Hyun Ki Joon.  Hyun Ki Joon  is the president for conglomerate “World Group.” He is handsome, smart and from a rich family. Did I mention he’s also an OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE (OBOC) person? hahaha! If you will meet him for the first time, you’ll be scared but when you get to know him he’s really a caring person. He even gave up his ex-fiancee just for his brother Hang See. He’s a good “Hyung” (Kuya) or older brother. He’s also surprisingly romantic and sentimental. Oh.. Are there still guys like him existing today? Oh please …! Omo! I really cried in the scenes where he showed his love for ah jung. The box of memories and public love confession are all  soooooo romantic! T_T

Song Jun as Hang See. Hang See is the carefree younger brother of Ki Joon. He left Korea for 3 years because of  being heartbroken. He’s also the reason why Yoon Jeo (ex-fiancee) and Ki Joon broke up. Ki Joon cancelled the marriage when he knew that Yoon Jeo is Hang See’s first love. After 3 years, Time heal the wounds. Everyone is back in Korea. Hang See met Ah Jung unexpectedly. Eventually, He also fell in love with her. Here comes again the love conflict with the siblings. Jo Yoon Hee as Yoon Jeo . Yoon Jeo is the feminine and rich girl ex-fiancee of Ki Joon. She went to Paris for studies. She came back to Korea after 3 years. She still loves Ki Joon -oppa. She can’t move on. She wants to start a new with him. It’s hard because Ki Joon already love Ah jung that time. That made it more complicated. Her character is the pretty girl but I still prefer Ah Jung. For me, She’s more beautiful. haha! bias! so true … really!


  • World Group Hotel (most used venue of any event!)
  • Jejudo! Jeju Island! 😀
  • Cherry Blossom Park (my favorite!)
  • Ah Jung’s house
  • Ministry of Culture Office
  • Sauna
  • Cafeteria


my favorite songs in the drama.

  1. Ice Cream Sarang! ♥  – very cute! 🙂 especially when they sing together in the housewarming party.
  2. Shameless Lie – by 4 minute   – reminds me of a funny and exciting scene.
  3. Are you still waiting?  – for light sweet scenes.. ^^,
  4. This is really Goodbye  – I cried whenever this song is playing. so senti!
  5. Pouring rain  – Date Scenes and Sweet Memories…


The story revolves in the LIE of being a married couple (Ki Joon and Ah Jung). They pretended to be couple for the sake of some business investment and Ah Jung’s revenge on her best friend. When the Lie becomes Love, it brought more complications.

Suggestions and Comments

  • I suggest more emphasis on the characters of Hang See and Yoon Jeo. Yes, the drama have shown that these two characters will be the conflict of the love story between the main characters but It lacks emphasis. I wish they have more POV scenes . It was like they just come and go in the story. How I wish.. Hang See became more aggressive on his interest on Ah Jung. The Sibling fight will be  more interesting because you’ll never know who will win Ah Jung’s heart. For Yoon Jeo, She’ s like a ghost. There are some scenes but unfortunately her character didn’t let me notice her existence  in the drama. I’m really sorry. It’s okay. They said there is a change of writer in the mid of the drama. If they were given a chance to act and the make the main love crucial, maybe this drama will get higher ratings. People likes thrill. Sometimes, I can’t help but to compare it to Secret Garden but I think I would still prefer Lie To me.Secret Garden is a fantasy romance while Lie to Me is more realistic.

  • KANG JI HWAN and YOON EUN HYE! Job Well done! 🙂 Wonderful chemistry! ICE CREAM COUPLE! I also like ICE CREAM treat when she resumed in her job. She got fired because of the scandal with ji hoon. And, He’s a public person.
  • I love how Ah Jung’s father is being protective of her even though she is in her late 20’s. He loves to compete with Ki Joon.

  • Coke Kiss is the best kissing scene! Hilarious yet romantic. 🙂
  • The Box of memories (ep 16) made me cry. After all the hardships and sacrifices to save their love, he still manages to keep it all. He’s a very sentimental guy. He kept all all of their memories. Ah Jung is so lucky! 🙂
  • The Public Love Confession was really amazing! If a guy can do it for you, It means he sincerely loves you!  A Man’s twin is his PRIDE. I want a guy like Ji Woon. ^^, ♥
  • How I wish I’ve watched it earlier. I know I’m late. it’s a 2011 drama.

Thumbs Up! Before, I ‘m thinking of what Kdrama would I want to happen in my life.  It’s hard to choose but after I watched Lie to me. I said to myself, ” This is it! It will be my love story! :)”

Lovely, Blogger

Rating: 9 out of 10 


5 thoughts on “LIE TO ME : Korean Drama Review

  1. I remember watching half of Lie to Me and unfortunately not being a huge fan of it. I loved Goong but sadly haven’t really liked anything else Yoon Eun Hye has starred in since then. I liked your suggestions though, that’s a great way to approach a review instead of being negative about something. Nicely done. Great read.

    Would you be interested in sharing your work on Moviepilot/Creators? I’d love to hear from you so I can expand on that, so feel free to shoot me an e-mail. My contact details are on my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Chara! Thanks for leaving a comment and the appreciation to my blog. “Lie To Me” so far is my ideal love story. YEH and KJH is a good match here. I always see my self having the same romance with the story. ❤ In contrast with what you said, I almost love all YEH dramas since then.

      Yes I am interested. I might shoot an email this Friday. I have a Full time job. 🙂 Thanks again. ^^

      Liked by 1 person

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