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(April 2017) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

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Hello Summer! Welcome to the month of April. Most schools don’t have classes now. I bet most of you have out of town or swimming plans with your family and friends. You’re lucky then because I don’t have. (Well, for this month. haha. house bummer!) Even so, I think I really had a GREAT time (two thumbs up!) this month. I thought I wouldn’t but I am still lucky enough. ❤ Take a look on my happy things list below:

  1. Using SNOW APP

I almost get addicted to this app. Actually, SNOW APP as they say is just like snapchat. I discovered this with my Korean friend ( Ji Hye – unni~) and Rose (@miss_waves). I find it cute so I tried downloading it. I was so entertained. My brother is actually more entertained with kpop stuffs just for gag comedy. I prefer this one. :p So, add me if you have this also –> @thelovelyrhythm.

2.  Binge Watching More Movies at home! ~

Thanks to my cousin, Crisgine , who came over last holy week and brought her external hard drive to share her movie collection with us.  My family is pretty much entertained. Though, my mom needs more series. (>o<)

3. Clearance (task completed) in SHMI-MS.

My contract with SHMI-MS has ended already. I think I have not mentioned yet that I didn’t renew my contract with the school anymore. I am going to make a special blog about it so please do watch out for the details. 😉 ~~

4.  Eating Halo Halo!

It’s summer already here in the Philippines. We are using the AC too much in the house to beat this super heat waves. Also, we crave for cool desserts! And so, we got this Pinoy Halo-halo. I love it! ^o^~


I never thought that I would be hook again to any korean dramas. Weightlifting Fairy won my heart this summer. I was seated on a chair for a long time for continuous watch. Usually, mom likes to binge watch series but most of time I just pass by. This time I was hooked! Hahaha! I super love the humor, bokjoo x joonghyung chemistry and Lee Sung Kyung!~ Funtastic baby~

6. Eating J.CO DONUTS mom birthday (April10)


Yes. It’s my mom’s birthday. In the family, our birthdays happen consecutively. I like birthdays because it means I can eat more food that I like such as spaghetti, ice cream, cake and J.CO DONUTS. 😀


I was mesmerized watching this one. I always admire how ALBERT CHANG (@thealbertchang) direct his music videos and manage to collaborate with different musicians.  This one is so amazing! I love their Beauty and the Beast OST Intrumentals Orchestra-like  cover . Your effort is well paid off! Congrats!~

8.  Radiate Concert of Hale and Silent Sanctuary #2k17Radiate


It was really a blast! 😀  I can’t believe that I can actually watch two of my favorite OPM bands in one concert. I am so happy that I got the chance because I have free time. I was also informed ahead of time. I think it’s meant to be.  Thank you DLSU-D (CEATSC) for making this event possible! 😀 Watch out for my events blog coming up. ❤

9.  Meeting up with Abi~ + Lasalleño Copy ! (April 21)


Do you know it’s been so many attempts before I can meet Abi again? Haha. By the way, I met Abi in ATC MEET AND GREET @ SM DASMA last year. It just so happen that we are both going in DLSU-D (I am in the Graduate Studies now btw). Yes, it is really a small world. I am happy to become her friend then on. 🙂 We are just connected with social media. Finally, we had our 2nd meeting having lunch together in Cafe Museo. ^o^~ She even gave me a copy of Lasalleño as my request. haha! :p


I received a  call already. A new chapter in  my career life is coming. I’ll give updates in the following days about it. 🙂 #change2017


9 thoughts on “(April 2017) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

    1. Hi Rose! How are you?! Yes, I do love snow app. haha! Though, I use it more for snaps only and saving it. haha!
      Yes.. me i love albert chang’s talents..👍🎬😀 I love that medley as well.. if you see their harry potter medley its so awesome as well… ! ah that guy just saw him there. haha.. 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Thanks..😀 I always update you in LINE.🐰 haha… just talk about it more with you when I am fully adjusted there.

    You must…! it’s really good.. oh really!! thats a new info to me.. so its like moshi moshi ni japan.hahaha.😀 halo halo rd!


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