The Happiness Project : Book Review

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin



A wonderful book. Gretchen Rubin shows how you can be happier, starting right now, with small, actionable steps accessible to everyone”

  • Julie Morgenstern, author of SHED your stuff, Change your life

“This book made me happy in the first five pages. And the more I read it, the happier I got. It’s filled with great insights that have changed every part of my life, from love to money, from work to play, from writing to Diet Coke”

  • J. Jacobs, author of the Year of Living Biblically


The Happiness Project © 2009

is a personal, narrative and self- help book that tells about “The Happiness Project” of Gretchen Rubin. It is relevant to people because it’s a real story of her life. This book gives you a guide on how to make a happiness project of your own and encourage you in looking life in a positive perspective.

Reading experience

I found a copy of this in the university’s library. I borrow it every week for renewal. I even had a penalty for not returning on time because I forgot the book at home. It’s a fun read. I was able to relate with her because I am also a blogger too. I just make time to read a chapter for day if I can. I read randomly. I don’t follow the page numbers. Haha!

How did I get to know this book?

I discovered this book on Nicole Anderson’s blog. She’s a fashion blogger in Manila. She also likes to read book and so recommends this to her readers. I read the summary. It seems interesting so I listed it on my “To- Read list” on my notes for book reviews. Luckily, I don’t need to buy the book because there’s an available copy.

Gretchen Rubin as an Author

Gretchen as she would always say about her passion on reading and writing. She never thought of publishing a book before but then she was able to do it. She enjoys blogging. She even showed some replies of her readers on her blog that she truly treasure. Her writing style is engaging as well because of her personal approach.


January: Boost Energy  – Vitality

February: Remember Love – Marriage

March: Aim Higher – work

April: Lighten Up – Parenthood

May: Be serious about play – leisure

June: Make Time for Friends  – friendship

July: Buy some happiness – money

August: Contemplate the Heavens – eternity

September: Pursue a Passion – books

October : Pay Attention – mindfulness

November: Keep a Contented Heart – attitude

December: Boot Camp Perfect – happiness



When I got to read the book, it reminds me of my 10 HAPPY THINGS – MONTHLY EDITION blog. It feels the same because she also does this project in a monthly basis. What differs with our happy project is I don’t have a monthly theme. With all the blog entries I am publishing for Words & Rhythm, happy things is written spontaneously. Anythings goes on what made me happy. I am just listing the things that made me smile in a month. On the other hand, Rublin has a theme for each month and gives advice on what to do in such situations. She is also very detailed in narrating all and even relating it to other concepts.

My favorite months were highlighted there in the list above. I can relate most to the topics from May to June. Since I am still single, I still have more time for leisure, friendship and making money. I am a bit of a workaholic person so I just notice that I don’t have time for my friends. Hahaha! She mentioned there that other relationships like friendship is important to nurture as well. I just realized  that I need to go out with the world again. Haha. :p Yes, we need to work yet LEISURE is still important because everything has time to be spent on. Chill for a little while!

Pursue a Passion, Pay Attention and Keep a Contented Heart are also inspiring reads when you get through the book. It’s also nice to learn the secret of her good relationship with her husband on reading Remember Love. 

Is Happiness really a choice? Yes, it is. At the end of the day, It’s still up to you on how you manage to be happy in any situation that comes your way. Life won’t promise a colorful rainbow but what comes before that is a rain. You might as well learn how to dance with the rain. 😉

Here are some quotable quotes to I was able to collect upon reading.


What you do everyday matters more than what you do once in a while?

“Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that, but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing” – William Butler Yeats

If something is worth-doing, it’s worth doing badly.

What’s fun for the other people may not be fun for you.

“An atmosphere of growth brings great happiness, but at the same time, happiness, but at the  sometimes also comes when you’re free from the pressure to see much growth”

I can recommend this book to bloggers who thinks of inspiring others too through publishing a book and to anyone who just wants to be happy now. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

Rating : 7 out of 10 

Learn more about the book here –> The Happiness Project 


3 thoughts on “The Happiness Project : Book Review

  1. Great review! And you look great in the picture! 🙂
    You know, it’s amazing how there are so many books on being happy and yet a new comes out and it makes so much sense. that’s a good thing. Hope you have a great and “happy” day, Lovely. 🙂

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