EVENTS! : Friday Madness and OPM Hype with HALE & SILENT SANCTUARY

Events! : Friday Madness and OPM Hype with HALE and SILENT SANCTUARY

Friday, April 21, 4PM, ULS – DLSUD


Original Pilipino Music (OPM) was really popular way back early Millenium 2000s. I was in High School back then. We don’t have smart phones and WIFI in school that time so students are more inclined to listening to the radio, collecting magazines, making scrapbooks, playing sports and playing music instruments. I like listening music to the radio as I am waiting for my favorite song. Almost everyone tried to learn playing the guitar that time as well because it was just cool. I started learning it then. You can only use the internet when you go to computer shops.  Am I revealing how old I am now? This is simply #adulting. Haha!

Fast forward to 2017, OPM was given a chance again to show off in DLSU-D’s RADIATE CONCERT. I was able to know it through facebook. I thought it was a good timing since I have no tight schedule by that time. Also, I am currently enrolled in the Graduate School of DLSU-D so everything became convenient. I have a reason to stay there. It’s still quite unbelievable for me to be able to watch a band concert in a university again. This time I am watching as an alumnus and not being a part of the college. Seeing these so called Millennials savoring their college life gave me this living young, wild and free feeling. Maybe I should be embarrassed joining but I really don’t care because I am enjoying my liberty at the moment. Haha! Too much for this, I think I must tell now my experience about the concert.

But first, I will give you some background about these bands:


HALE is a four member band (now 5 because they have a violinist) who plays alternative rock. They started in 2004. They became popular with the release of their hit song, “The Day you said Good Night”. I love most of their songs from their other albums like Twilight and Above, Over and Beyond.  My favorites are Blue Sky, This is a happy song and Kahit Pa.


Trivia: I met Champ before and even had a picture beside him (2005). Second time, I met him again by chance when I am walking along in Alabang Town Center (2012).Haha! It’s destiny to meet him again for a University concert without any expectations. (2017). In other words, may past kami. haha!


Silent Sanctuary is a 5 member band (with guitars, electric violin, cello…). They were formed 2001 but was more known upon the release of their song “Ikaw Lamang” (2005) that leads the MYX HIT CHARTS for a long time. You can still listen to their songs in the radio right now because they have released an album last 2015 entitled “Langit Luha”. I almost love all of their songs too. My favorites are Ikaw Lamang, Summer Song and Sayo.


Trivia: Though I don’t have any moments with Silent Sanctuary, I can always recognize Sarkie’s voice in radio because it was just angelic and melancholic for not to touch your heart.  🙂

So let’s get into my concert experience now:

The ticket prices for this event are just reasonable. Your money is worth it. I mean you can get to watch your favorite bands, have some free drinks and light glow sticks. There’s even a photo and face art booth available for all the students there. You will also feel comfortable with a fully air-conditioned venue (ULS) even the place is crowded. I was also amazed how everything goes well with the stage design that includes the lights, screen projector, stage place and smoke machine. It was just so creative that gives you that feeling of rock and roll.


Since I am alumnus, I am not familiar with the people there already. I just bought the ticket and ask if I can go inside already. My goal is to cover this event and enjoy. That’s it!  The concert didn’t really start at 4pm but it’s just fine. As I waited, I saw the line getting longer and longer. My jaw dropped seeing that line. There’s no way for me to wait like that!  I need to be wiser for me not to go there in the last line. I just stayed somewhere near the entrance and pretend that I am already a part of the line while everyone is busy. Haha! The concert actually started around 5pm. The audience was entertained with the 4 host. There were 5 front act bands and this so called SPOKEN POETRY. The front act bands played OPM songs also. Though, they need more swag in doing so. More practice will help. I like the first band who performed among all. The Spoken Poetry is something new with me. I never experienced it in my generation. These Millennials are pretty much entertained as most of them can relate with the words being said. It’s more this #HUGOT lines turned into poetry. Cool right?


The people who bought the VIP ticket are in front the stage sitting on chairs with food. General Admissions are behind the boundary chains. I am in GA but I made sure to find a perfect spot for me to take photos. Haha! Then the moment has come when HALE came on stage to start playing. Everyone was so excited. Champ is thankful that they are once again invited to have a concert in the university. I almost know and memorized the songs. Some of the audience is waiting for the song BLUE SKY. Hale played their original songs kung wala ka, blue sky, kahit pa, the day you said goodnight, and pitong araw. Swaying flashlights on phone is also one audience participation requested by Champ. He also came down be closer with the audience. It gave me a chance to touch him once again, back again. You just need to scream after that. Waaah! #fangirlmodeon

Here are some videos: (I wasn’t able to record more videos of Hale.)

After that, Silent Sanctuary moment has come on stage. The crowd is getting wilder this time. It has become literally wild as well when the GA was able to break the chain boundary to the VIP space. (teenage attack) Good Things I still have the energy to go with the waves. Sarkie started to sing and the crowd has gone crazier. I was amazed with the electric violin being played. It’s so cool! (photo) SS played their songs hiling, rebound, sa’yo, summer song and ikaw lamang. They have more songs that I can’t remember anymore. Haha!

Here are videos of them:


The concert ended around 9pm. After the last song of Silent Sanctuary, I escaped the crowd and go home. I wasn’t able to meet Abi there anymore. It’s funny that I need to take my midterm exam the next day. Just seriously! I don’t know what I am doing right there Haha! The intense loud sound (#eargasm) banged into your ear drums in the concert has an aftershock when I got home. It’s weird now because I am not used to hearing loud sounds anymore.  I truly enjoyed it and I haven’t move on right away even after a week. Haha! I love the experience.


Thank you CEATSC – DLSUD for making this event possible! (Also…along with the sponsors as far as I can remember Heraldo Filipino, Piknik, Throb and Coco Valley). I am proud how our university is able to conduct this “worth it” concert event. Even my younger brother felt envious because his college is not capable to invite such bands as he learned the freebies and venue we have in the university is way far from what they have. I know it’s always good to have a bigger budget for you to experience that.  Nevertheless, this concert experience I had just recently is super worth it! Let’s continue to rock on! ^o^ #proudlasallian



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