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Workspace Goals!

Workspace Goals ❤


By: Lovely del Mundo

“I need space”… That’s a typical line that you will hear from a couple’s conversation leading to a cool off stage. “ I need SPACE!”… That’s my monologue at the top of my head because I want (literally) a PERSONAL WORK SPACE inside our house. Ugh! My bedroom right now is not conducive for working (I mean blogging/ doing other stuff). It started when I swap room with my brother. I am anticipating the promise of having a spacious bedroom. I am a type of person who likes spacious places where I can move freely.

What’s my idea of a WORKSPACE? It’s a place where you can put all your personal things like notebooks, CDs, cosmetics, photos and collections. Also, it’s a space that you can put your lappy then surf the internet (even drink coffee) or write drafts on a paper.  Most of all, a space that reflects your identity. As a blogger, it’s important for me to have this kind of space. It must be a place that can condition me to feel creative and inspired.

Here’s my present workspace:

study table

I wanted to do some revamp !  The arrangement of your space has something to do with the psychology of motivation in doing things. In this case, my preference of style in a workspace is a minimalist + kawaii type. Minimalism is best observed in Japanese interior designs. They are known for LESS is MORE. I searched for some sample workspace that I would love to have and I just need to personalize it.  It makes me want to have a Pinterest account now. Here goes my WORKSPACE GOALS!


Photo # 1 ~ I like the balance of cabinet and book shelf. I also like the style of the chair.  I love the color it’s my favorite.<3


Photo # 2 ~ The table is small. I don’t really prefer this type of table. What made me like it is the balance of colors. The painting on the wall, flower vase and desktop wallpaper so I find it attractive.


Photo # 3 – If this is my workspace, I’ll be distracted because it’s directly facing the window . My things would be direct to sunlight also. I am not a vampire but how about my things. Despite that disadvantage, I just like the fact that I can see nature outside my space. I just want to drink coffee on this kind of arrangement.


Photo #4 ~ This one is nice. It’s quite relaxing to see. Of course, I like that the PC is MAC. Haha! There’s this plant on the left side for good ventilation. I just like that it looks wide. On the center, it has cabinet under which is a good file organizer. I’ll consider this!


Photo # 5 ~ As you can notice, there are dolls on the top.(I am not fan of dolls..) Rilakkuma stuffs will be seen there if it’s my room. Haha! I like the PC. It has feminine touch. I like this one but I need to do more arrangement and additional things for it.

My best preference would be Photo # 1 and Photo # 4. When the house renovation is finished (extended bedrooms), I can freely arrange my very own workspace and make sure to take picture of it. I want this badly. What about you? What’s your WORKSPACE GOALS?

Share your thoughts by leaving comments below. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Workspace Goals!

  1. I think I agree with your choices: 1 & 4. Oh, and the under desk organizer…Yes, yes, yes. You’d be surprised how helpful those things are. It keeps you from cluttering up the desk top. That’s my biggest problem. I hate clutter and yet after a few weeks my desk top is one big pile of clutter, so I have to spend an hour getting everything in order. Like you I need a nice clean space to get my work done. Oh, I love my Mac computer. I switched over to Mac just this past year. It’s great.

    This was a cool post. :-). Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Paul! My novelist friend. 🙂
      Thanks for the like with my blog post.
      Oh yes, you know a teacher’s life is not complete without the desk clutter. Haha!
      We both have the same choice too!
      I hope I can have an Mac Air notebook too. >.<

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What I have for my work space dream is almost the same as yours and I agree I don’t like small tables on no 2. For gadget guy like me small table will be pretty much useless even for my photography.

    I do agree with you on no 4 🙂
    and yeah for no 5 I’ll get those doll stuffs thrown away just making my tidying job easier but instead replacing them with more useful things like plants but going to lower the shelf.

    I’m not a fan to something that get directed to sunlight on no 3 making my face looks like a vampire when taking a picture 😀

    How about no 1? I agree with you but maybe I’ll switch the color with either blue and gray or green and gray depends on my mood by that time 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this. It will be a useful addition to my designing knowledge!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Raymond dear!!💞😀 hahaha…
      Thanks for leaving a long comment…~♡
      I see.. we still both have the same preference in spaces. 👍 yes, i love 1 and 4. I know you hate clean up so best recommended style for you is minimalism too.😜 try gray on yours, i guess…😀 that would be manly and mine is purple. lets put some plant as well…🌳🍃

      Liked by 1 person

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