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The Girl Who Sees Smells (2015): Drama Review


Three years ago, Choi Moo Gak lost his younger sister in the “Bar Code” murder case. Since then he has become cold and insensible. Meanwhile, Oh Cho Rim miraculously survived the same incident. Since then she has lost her memory, but also gained the ability to see smells. (Source:



The Girl Who sees smells is a Korean Drama about Crime Investigation, Barcode Serial Murder, Extra Ability to see smells , Benefiting Romance and Justice. This drama has a tragic start. That defines the major crime to be solved for the series. The hunt here is how to catch the real murderer behind it and how is he doing it all? That thrilled me for story. The lesson of persistence has a pay off in he end for the case of Choi Mu Gak who wants to give justice for his sister.

Story :

Oh Cho rim‘s ability to see smells is the key factor for solving the major and even the minor cases in this drama. It’s been helpful to Detective Choi Mu Gak a lot for investigations. The story line just revolved on her deal to  help Choice Mu Gak solve case though her ability not knowing it will eventually lead her to the truth.  Oh Cho rim has lost her memory since the tragic incident so she has no idea that she’s the best witness for the justice of all barcode serial murder victims.


Shin Se-kyung as Oh Cho rim

Cho Rim witnessed the murder of her parents and lived on as the sole witness of the barcode serial murders. She has a strange ability-being able to see smells as patterns in the air. She forms a team with Mu Gak, and together, they work to solve the series of barcode murders.

Park Yoo-chun as Choi Mu Gak

After the murder of his sister, Mu Gak is determined to become a police inspector and take revenge for her sister’s death. He is desensitised and is unable to smell or taste his food.

Yoon Jin-seo as Lieutenant Yeom 

the female leader of the detective squad that gave Mu Gak a chance to investigate to become a detective.

Namgung Min as Chef Kwon 

the celebrity chef who is secretly the culprit behind all the “Barcode  Serial Murder Case”.


  • Police Head Quarters
  • Comedy Show stage
  • Hospital
  • Cho Rim’s  Green House
  • Mu Gak’s Aprtment (Jellyfish Aquarium!)
  • Chef Kwon’s mansion


  1. 꼬, 유주(Loco, Yuju-GFRIEND) – 우연히 봄 (Spring Is Gone) – Romantic Scenes

  2. 주비(Jubi) & 장이정(Jang Yi Jeong) – 아리송해(Confusing) – Seeing Smells scenes

  3. SWEET SORROW(스윗소로우) _ You are my everything(전부이니까) – Dramatic Scenes 

Comments and Suggestions 

This drama became popular in some K-drama communities and trends in the online world. I saw my cousin even used the lead couple picture as her cover photo in twitter. So, I got curious what’s with this drama. Why it was being popular? I got to copy it from my cousin’s EHD. Then, I’ve decided to watch it for the semestral break and see if I would get obsessed with this drama. (But, I didn’t get obsessed with it)

The first episode of the drama did impress me. The tragedy/conflict was given that early. (Eun Seol’s parents get murdered) The chasing part thrilled me. I was convinced to discover what’s with this scene that will connect to all the main characters of the story.  As I went on watching, I learned Mu Gak’s strong interest to become a detective. He has the goal to have in his own hands the murderer that killed his sister 3 years ago.

I had fun watching the detective gang squad team especially with the humor they have when handling case and get together after solving a case.

Here goes my favorite character… LIEUTENANT YEOM (YOO JIN SEO)!

When she joined the investigation team, It made me more interested to watch the series. Also, the fact that she’s assigned to be the leader is such a girl power. She’s very serious to succeed solving this “Barcode Serial Murder Case”. I had the same feeling every time they fail to get the lead and still haven’t solve the case as the killing continues. It was really frustrating.  In my opinion, I think she is more beautiful than our lead character Oh Cho Rim. It’s just my thought.  I wanna be like Lieutenant Yeom. Hahaha!

OH CHO RIM is our female lead in this series. She’s feminine and a hard-working girl. She is THE GIRL WHO SEE SMELLS! She’s determined with her COMEDY ACTING career. She’s working in the Comedy troupe as the youngest member and newbie. She needs to work hard to get her break.  Asking Detective Mu Gak to do it with her in exchange of her help with her ability to see smells made them closer. (Actually, I think Yoo Chun can do good as a comedy actor. I laughed with the way he delivers a joke about “living in Seoul”…cherlllllll!!!! HAHA)

If you ask me about their chemistry,I think worked well together as a couple. They look good and cute together. But, they didn’t become my favorite couple. Still, no one beats my “Ice cream couple” (Lie To Me)”. I don’t know because the SENSORY COUPLE is just not my kind of love story. So yeah…

Let’s go with the villain… the ever popular celebrity chef KWON JAE HEE. How could women believe that this boyfriend material chef is the murderer behind this Barcode Mystery? At first, I was confused if it was the doctor or the chef. Then, of course it was eventually revealed that it’s Chef Kwon. (Just watch this series to know it all) He was the kind of villain that I was not annoyed unlike the villain in I CAN HEAR YOUR VOICE. (2013) (I guess that’s the best villain so far to annoy me) He didn’t make me feel mad at all. I don’t know why.  He’s a smooth criminal because he’s smart and rich. He has this power to turn out things in his way. He’s making the detective and polices stupid with his own tactics. That was quite disappointing in the part of our heroes.  Chef Kwon reminds me of Light Yagami of Death Note. I just didn’t understand the reason behind using barcodes as his mark after the killings. That’s what I want to be cleared in the plot of this drama. Why?..

Honestly, I dropped this drama after episode 12 because I know everything will be predictable in the end. Here are the police catching the villain. Mu Gak is the hero. Cho Rim and him will be married. The end. Bow. So I get bored. Then I am right. It happened. I’m more interested in the crime solving than the romance in this drama. Though, I think Cho rim’s extra sense ability is very unique and a very nice idea for the whole story.

Will I re-watch it? Maybe, No.  Thanks for this drama because it somehow entertained me this semestral break.   I suggest Yoo Chun to try real comedy kind of story because he’s good in making people laugh. Haha.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Source: Google Images and Drama Beans


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