Baby and I : Movie Review

Baby and I


One day, Joon Soo was left home alone by his parents because of his school discipline issues. His parents can’t take it anymore. His credit card is suspended. He was leave with only 100 dollars budget. Joon Soo thinks it’s just alright. He called his friends to have a house party. Before the party, he went to the groceries market to shop for food and alcohol. To his surprise, there is a 5-6 months baby that was left by someone in his cart. He was shocked with that. He took the baby in the customer service.  The clerk saw a note in the Baby basket from the mother. “Myeong Sung High School Senior, Han Joon Soo. I thought the baby will be best to be raised by his father”.



“Baby and I” (2008) is a Cute, Comedy and Adorable Movie. It tells about how hard it is to be a parent. In this case, it’s harder if you are a teen-age dad. Nowadays, I’ve heard that many people that are much younger than me (teenagers) who are already parents. To raise a child if you are only a student is a pain in the ass. I mean it’s difficult. You have no source of income yet. You’re still growing as a person. Then, you’re going to be responsible with this child. It’ll be quite a shock. But, I’ve seen other people who are happy with this kind of situation. Maybe, it’s because their rich parents support them or he/she really loves his/her partner. Also, having a child in the family brings joy.  In reality, if you are only 18 years old, many things can still or will really change. If the relationship of the parents won’t work, the child will suffer. In my opinion if you can’t give your child a secured future, its better just think of what you can contribute with the society than making a baby.



         The story focuses on Joon Soo’s situation of being a Teen-age Dad. He doesn’t have any idea of what happened to him. He hardly thinks who the mom of the child is. It’s really funny! While, Kim Byeol enrolled in his school. She’s weird and a lazy genius. She has this love at first sight with Joon Soo. So, she followed him anywhere. I like her back story. Kim Byeol has many siblings so she’s knowledgeable in taking care of a baby. She helped Joon Soo a lot. And so, in the end Joon Soo is thankful to her. What I love about the writer did is the twist in the story. You’re so into the main situation of the protagonist but learned something that is not true. It did surprise me. The situation of baby woo ram is exactly like him when he was a baby too. After having Baby Woo Ram, Joon Soo became responsible. He even does a part- time jobs to have an extra income. Instead of buying a box of cigarette, He just bought the money with 2 cans of milk.  He’s willing to do anything to protect baby woo ram. Isn’t it sweet? This story has a good and surprising plot. There are no boring scenes. It also has a real life lesson to learn. Thumbs up!



Jang Geun Suk as Joon Soo

He is the protagonist in the movie. He’s a heartthrob and Bad-ass high school student. He’s an only child. He came from a wealthy family. He’s snobbish. Pretty girls don’t really attract him. But, he’s surprisingly a caring dad.

Song Ha Yoon as Kim Byeol

            She’s weird and a lazy genius. She came from a big family. Joon soo and his friends are annoyed with her. She helps in taking care of Baby woo ram. She’s in love with Joon Soo so she does anything to support him. Despite of that, She doesn’t really show her affection towards Joon Soo.   

Mason Mun as Han Woo Ram (baby)

            He’s the cute and adorable toddler in the movie. He’s always hungry and crying. He doesn’t really look like a Korean baby.



I didn’t expect any special effects in this movie unlike action and science fiction movies. I like the part whenever Joon Soo is riding a motorcycle with the baby. It’s cool. I think it’s hard to shoot. But of course, they only used a baby mannequin there. Baby Woo Ram was dubbed in a Comic way which is really hilarious. I also like the part where the title of the movie is introduced. Joon Soo threw the Milk bottle in the sky because he’s desperate for breast milk. The idea is appropriate for introduction.


  • Joon Soo’s House
  • Myung Seung High School
  • Groceries Market
  • Airport
  • Public Sauna


Comments and Suggestions

The first time I watched this movie is 5 years ago. I was still a college student back then. I lost the movie file. Then, I got this chance to download it and re-watch. It’s a good movie.  I can watch it as many times that I want. The thing that I really like about this movie is the Humor. I just can’t stop laughing out loud especially when Joon Soo is taking care of Baby Woo Ram. I like Jang Geun Suk in this movie than in his present dramas. I used to be his fan. I almost watch all of his drama. He’s a good actor but not a versatile actor. He’s so stock with this “bad boy” image. Now, He looks so pretty and can be mistaken as gay.

In the characters, I think I can relate with Kim Byeol. We’re not exactly the same. I am not a genius but I can be weird at times. Though she has problems with relating with common people, she’s dependable and cool. She’s being avoided by her teachers because she’s too inquisitive. Because of that, she stopped schooling but came back because of Joon Soo.

There’s not much romance with Joon Soo and Kim Byeol. I think those kind of pair is not really common as a couple. (Weird girl and Bad boy) But I guess, those relationship will work out because they will complement each other needs. To shoot a movie with a toddler is quite difficult too. So I salute the production in this movie. Overall, this is a movie that I can recommend with everyone. Watch this and you won’t regret anything!

Rating: 8 out of 10


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