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K-ON!: The Movie (Review)

K-ON Movie! (1)


Houkago Tea Time is going to London for their Graduation Trip.  They have a surprise performance in a sushi restaurant and a live performance in an open ground with other high school Japanese bands.  Before the trip, the four senior girls has been keeping secret to Azusa. Since they are already graduating, Yui have thought of doing something that will feel like that they are already senior and about to graduate. So they planned a gift for Azusa since she’s the only junior in the Light Music Club. They’ve decided to make her a song.  Along their trip, they have secret meetings for their plan.



Light Music Club (K-ON!) has always bee my favorite anime. After airing 2 seasons, Kyoto animation made a movie.  The story of the movie lies  between the last episodes of season 2.  I thought this one is going to be different but it is along the season 2. I just expected it as an after graduation story but it’s not.


There are only two new song added in the movie. They are “Singing”and “Unmei wa Endless” . One of my favourite songs in K-ON, Tenshi ni Fureta Yo (Touched by an Angel) , is in the movie. It’s a song for Azusa.  In this movie, they focused on making this song. Mugi came up with the melody. Usually Mugi makes melody for their songs while Mio for the lyrics. They all sing in this song. I really love the part when they’ve sing together.  I really like it. It’s making my tears fall from my eyes. It’s really moving.  Yui have thought about the chorus part. She said,”Azu- nyan gave us wings. It made us fly”.That explains the title. They’re practicing the songs everywhere. The Ending song, Singing, was led by Mio.  Mio has always this lady sophisticated voice. I almost like all the songs in every K-ON soundtrack albums. If I have to choose the most song  that I like are Tenshi ni Fureta yo, U and I ( a song for UI – Yui’s sister), My love is like a stapler and Ichiban ippai  (K-On Movie Op. Trailer) and No, Thank You!.

K-ON: The Movie! (2)


I’ll focus on the band members: HOUKAGO TEA TIME.

(HTT) Trivia: The name of the band was given by their club advisor, Sawako –sensei. In English, it’s After School Tea time because it’s the club activity every day. She used to be a Light Music club member. She’s obsessed with dressing up the girls. She once substitutes Yui when she was late in one of their performance.

YUI HIRASAWA (vocals/lead guitar) She’s the main character in this anime. Yui is child-like, fun and surprisingly talented guitarist. Ritsu always thought of her as an elementary student. In season 1, she joined the Light Music club because she thinks she’ll just going to only play castanets. Nodaka, her classmate and childhood friend told her that she is going to join a band. She joined anyway because of Mugi’s Sweets like Cakes and Pastries. She also took the opportunity to learn guitar and eventually liked it.  In season 2, She really improved on playing the guitar. She’s guided by Azusa and Mio. UI, her sister, told herself that her oneechan (old sister) changed a little upon joining the club. In the movie, Azusa is sometimes afraid of her because Yui is always clinging to her. She’s really energetic on their trip especially when Mio takes picture of the sights.

MIO AKIYAMA (vocals, bass) Mio is popular, smart but really a scaredry-cat. She’s the most composed member of the band. Azusa looks at her as a real senpai because she’s cool and really skilled. Mio is a left handed bassist. She’s also a long-time friend of Ritsu. In season 1, Ritsu forced Mio to join the Light music club.  She told her that it’s their dream while Mio told her that her flashback is fake which is really funny. Anyway, Mio had joined the club. They have learned that it has no member at all. In school festival, Mio had become popular but suffered from such embarrassments. (Rice bowl panties!) In season 2, Mio had this active fans club. She encountered stalkers.  They also held a tea party for Mio’s fans club. The funny part is the slicing of cake with Azusa. In the movie, Mio is really happy because her choice of place for the trip was chosen by ton-chan (the turtle). She’s really a Music fan. She told Ritsu to take autograph if they’ve met a musician on the streets of London.

RITSU TAINAKA (drums) Ritsu is energetic, irresponsible and boyish.  She is the club president. She always forgets to sign up forms when they are going to perform. She always teases Mio because she knows her weakness. When Ritsu is with Yui, they always make pranks and do comedy acts together. They are really fun-loving especially on their summer outings.  In season 1, she acts like the leader of the club/band. She got sick once because of Mio. She got jealous with Mio’s friendship with Nodaka. In season 2, she got problems of being a drummer.  In their performance videos, She is not really seen. She thought of placing the drums in front that didn’t work out. She’s surprisingly good at cooking too.  In the movie, she becomes a responsible senior. She really enjoyed herself with the other members and especially the trip.

TSUMUGI KOTOBUKI (piano) Mugi is rich, motherly and feminine. She is the heiress of the Kotobuki group of companies. Her family owns the music shop where Yui bought her guitar. Her friends are always surprised whenever she’s address as Lady Mugi, winning a mini lottery with an amazing luck and having big vacation houses. She’s also a piano prodigy because she’s playing since she was 4. In season 1, Mugi originally intends to join the choir club. When she saw Ritsu and Mio’s conversation about the dream band thing she enjoyed watching them and later decided to join. In season 2, she remains the pianist of the band. She continues providing some sort of luxury for the band like having Tea Confections every day and Beach Summer Vacation in their place. She always has this concern for the relationship of the members. In the movie, like Ritsu she enjoyed the company of the band. Unlike other members, her suitcase was brought by her butler.

AZUSA NAKANO (rhythm guitar) Azusa is cute, matured and serious. She’s the youngest member of the band. She learned and played guitar since she was in the 4th grade. Her parents is in a jazz band so it influenced her. In season 1, she first saw the Light Music Club performed in the freshman orientation. She was moved by that. And so, she decided to join. She taught it’s a cool band that practices everyday but when she got into it her expectation failed.  In season 2, she’s getting used of being a member of Light Music Club. She’s using her personal Tea Cup and Cat ears. She tells a lot of stories about the senior members to her classmates Ui and Jun. Yui will always like to cuddle her. In the movie, she finds the senior members weird. It’s like they are hiding secret to her. But in the end, She‘ll realize what’s that all about.

K-ON!: The movie


The drawing is clean and cute. It’s simple and not complicated like other anime. I like Kyoto Animation in terms of the use of art. The voice talents are also appropriate for all the characters. In the Manga series, I’ve read on one website that their journey as a band continues. They will meet some other bands in the future so I’m looking forward with that. Hopefully, it will be made as an anime series again. I like K-ON because I like bands and Pop Rock. Also, I can relate with Yui’s love for sweet food, Azusa’s amazement with the band and finding the reason why she was move with the band’sperformance, and Sawako – sensei as being a mentor with the girls.

Rating:  8 out of 10


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    1. Ah… This was the last K-ON I watched… It was fun.. They are in EUROPE! haha! 😀 The songs are also good… There will be a K-ON university life as they say. It’s on going in the manga.. watch out for it too! ^^

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