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Take Time to Relax! : My 5 ways on how to de- stress

By: Lovely Del Mundo

There are times that you feel like giving up. There are times you feel so exhausted. There are times you feel pressured. As they say, it’s not always a sunny day in life but don’t let the rain drown you . Just deal with it right away to let it pass!

Dealing with it takes effort. That’s how I take it from now. Most sickness are rooted from stress of all forms so we musn’t take it for granted.  Take time to relax! You are not a robot who can do it all or can calculate every happening. Let it Go! If you want to eat ice cream with a cherry on top then do it. Give a reward for yourself.

As for me, I thought of sharing ways I do to deal with it. I am not really a person of CALMNESS and SERENITY. But then, I will try my best to protect myself from any harm stress will cause me. So would you mind to read my 5 ways on how to De-Stress?

  1. Blogging or Free Writing

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Since I started to blog again, I noticed my state of mind has changed a lot in a positive way. I felt my self-worth and purpose. I left my self-pity and regrets on the corner then started to walk.  It gave me great hope for the future to come. Wow. Until now, whenever I feel like something is bothering me or I have these bottled-up emotions I just need to write about it. It liberates me. I might not have the perfect grammar and style of writing to offer here but one thing for sure is that my content is always genuine for you to hang on. ❤

  1. Playing Guitar (Steven Harris guitar)


I make time to play the guitar since I have my very own Steven Harris.  Whenever I play and sing a song, I feel something inside me feels this sweet serenity. I bet it’s not only me but other fellow musicians out there must feel that way. (fellow musicians?! Haha!) Actually, just holding the guitar and smelling the wood scent of it changes my mood already. When this guitarist spirit strikes on me, my music flows freely like a wind blowing in a springfield. Okay. Now, I sound poetic! It’s nothing but the truth. It helps a lot!

  1. Doing Yoga every morning

My Yoga app in my phone is turning one year already. I didn’t keep the calendar there full.  I really can’t promise to do it consistently yet I am not stopping to do it. It’s just it became lesser recently because of my busy life. My favorite poses are cow, chair, tree and plank. I actually enjoyed discovering how beneficial it is in my life. (esp overcoming my PMS drama) I made a blog about it last time. Check it out here!

  1. Onsen life (Taking a Bath, Spa and massage)

Image result for onsen in japan

I don’t live in a hot spring place like Yuri Katsuki of Yuri! On Ice but I want to experience Onsen or hot spring. It’s relaxing for me to take a bath using hot water. For some reason, it relieves my stress and making me feel warm from a cold night. Do you know that I am dreaming of having a bath tub in my house? I will put lavender scent and petals on it. That would be so relaxing.

  1. Staying in a Tea House or Coffee Shop

If you know me well, you will choose to treat me a matcha latte or cappuccino. You know that it will make me happy because I am obviously a café person. I am no good barista but I am a good drinker. (Wait, is there a word drinker?! Haha) In the games I am currently playing, it’s always related with café. I play notice me Senpai a lot which is café theme inspired! My character there is actually a Cinderella type high school barista. All Senpai(s) loves me a lot. Haha! So much for that! I also appreciate the interiors of the coffee shop.  Who wouldn’t love to sit back on soft couches to have tea and looking through the mori type walls. Aww…! >.<


That’s all I can share with you. You can also be comfortable with what I do.  You must try it! Or, Do we have the same de-stress ways already?  Let us talk about it. Don’t hesitate to leave comment below! Thanks! 😀


10 thoughts on “Take Time to Relax! : My 5 ways on how to de- stress

  1. Awesome! I’d go have a cup of coffee and cake when I’m stressed. Also your idea, Onsen life sounds good! I love taking a bath with my book and favorite drink :-))
    I definitely need to try Yoga next time… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Alona!~ How are you?
      I know you are a book work. Are you still active in good reads Filipino Groups. I think my account there is expired already. Haha
      Ah I see, you also play games.. good to hear from you. 🙂


      1. I’m still part of the group but inactive for some time narin. I still see the members who I become close with occasionally so parang wala namang nagbago. Change of venue lang. I read books parin if time permits. Ikaw, how’s life?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ve been busier when I transfer job. Right after I passed LET, I decided to resign in my previous employer and applied in an international school. I need to make it congruent to my masters degree. 🙂 So far, I enjoy what I have in my life now. I appreciate it more. 🙂


  2. Ah, lovely, you are so right about the Onsen. When I first tried one in Japan, I wasn’t so sure about the public bath thing, but as it turned out they are wonderful! Truly a great way to de-stress. I walk twice a day with my black lab Cody, and that goes a long way as well. I’m on a weight loss program–my own! ha! I want to buy a Yukata when we go to Japan in September. When I wear it I don’t want to look like a big cow!

    You look great with the guitar. You need to post a video with your playing. That’d be great. Wow! I’m very impressed. You do what you have to do Lovely, to keep your mind right and your spirit healthy. I think you’re doing just that.

    Great post, thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha.. wow.. you like dogs also!😃 great.. labs are awesome dogs.. and lovable… my boss right now in school owns one… she’s also black…

      whoa!😲😲😲 cool… i hope i can go to japan too. do blog about it! okay!

      Oh yeah.😀😁 but i dont play everyday… I have a youtube channel anyway.. i will give you the link if i have a new video…😁😁😁

      Liked by 1 person

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