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(June 2017) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

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Hey June, how are you there? I can feel the rain or thunderstorm mostly in afternoon this month. Most of the children are going back to school already. It’s been a busy month though not that really a happy-happy month. Our internet broadband was cut also this month due to penalty. That’s why I am a bit of sad. >.< Some delays happened in my blog as a result. But of course, the purpose of this entry is to always see the bright side of things happening in my life. 😀 The list for June is coming up!

  1. Playing Pokemon Magikarp Jump


I deleted the game “Notice Me Senpai” in my phone already. I have been in love with that game for a long time but it needs to close so goodbye. Then, I need to find a new one so I got Pokemon Magikarp. I discovered it on Axel’s channel. It tried. I had fun training my fish to jump and jump. I just want to collect all the Pokemon and have an awesome aquarium. Haha!

  1. Having a new haircut (layered medium-length)


I decided to wear a layered cut now and did some little treatment for my hair. I did not cut my `hair too short anymore this time. I maintained the length so I can set another style.  Haha! I love it. Though, I want a lighter color next time.

  1. Discovering more Christian songs

I am getting used to listening to Christian songs because of every morning devotion in school. It happens every day so when I got home there’s this “LSS”. I sometimes sing out of nowhere. I like the songs turn it up, Blessed be the name, through it all and your grace is enough. I like Hillsongs even before esp. One way Jesus when I was a part of Music Ministry in DLSU-D Campus Peer Ministry.

  1. Watching Meejmuse in Thailand travel vlog

Meejmuse is my fave beauty channel in youtube. I love Jen x Will couple. They went together in Thailand. I just find the place attractive. I am hoping to visit the place they have visited.

  1. The success of Demo Teaching (June 22, 2017)

There was a general demo teaching before the school year starts in Westhill International School. This time, we are assigned to do demo teaching for the real grade level we are assigned to. We also need to maximize the use of smartboard in teaching. Thankfully, I was able to somehow manipulate it. I am just grateful that I learn more things I can improve in my teaching style esp. I need to match it with the system of WIS.

  1. Long Weekend Holidays. ❤

I love holidays. It’s time for myself to relax for a while. And do more of other things that I like to do. It’s also a time to plan for what needs to do next. It’s better if I have more money on holidays so I can really enjoy even going out of town or travel will be better. Oh please!

  1. Veal Burger experience on Dad’s day

Veal Burger is located near The District – Dasma. Last Father’s Day, I gave my family a treat. I think my dad is so happy about it. My brother recommended that burger place to me because he thinks it’s good and he went there already. I enjoyed the burger for only 150 pesos. It has already XL drinks. Cool right?

  1. Rise and Rebuild (Team Building + Retreat) – #WISLIFE


It was an enlightening experience. First off, the venue is really relaxing, peaceful and nature bound. CCT Tagaytay is really a good choice for a company team building and retreat. I was also able to know more about WIS and my new colleagues. I look forward to a wonderful school year ahead. I feels like I want to make a detailed blog about my experience.

  1. Eating Samgyupsal as welcome to new teachers in Westhill (June 2)

I am one of the new teachers in WIS. As a welcome, they prepared SAMGYUPSAL (Korean BBQ) for a lunch fellowship. It’s a Korean eating experience. I feel grateful. Good thing, I appreciate spicy food now. My taste buds explores more tastes. 🙂

  1. Seeing a rainbow unexpectedly


A rainbow is a symbol of hope. One day, I saw it on the sky when going home from work. Despite of so many fancy things you can find in the online world, nature at its best is still the most beautiful. ^^~


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