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Travel! : Above and over Baguio :)

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Baguio City is one of the few place in the Philippines blessed with a cool climate. On average, Baguio is at least eight degrees cooler than any place in the lowlands. Not surprisingly, Baguio has become the “summer capital” of the country. It is gifted with a variety of cultural, historical and scenic attractions which make it an important and interesting destination. As early as March, tourists and locals take the six-hour trek up the zigzagging Kennon Road. Within a mile of the city, the sweet scent of pine trees and flowers already permeate the air.

(Source : http://www.govisitphilippines.com)

Touch down Baguio~

Hello I am back, Baguio City! (I was here when I was 9) I always thought of it as the coldest place here in the Philippines. Strawberries, Pine Trees, Walis Tambo and Ifugao are words that first come to my mind when I hear Baguio. I don’t have actually plans visiting this place again (when you have Tagaytay already) but then I was given a chance again when I was employed in Westhill International School. It was sponsored by REX Bookstore as well the transportation. Thank you for making this trip possible.  🙂

And so, let us get into to the places we have been “When in Baguio…”



Day 1   (052917)

We went to SM Baguio to eat lunch and buy groceries for the dinner. It was my first time in SM Baguio. It was true that this mall has no aircon because cold air is natural. The food we eat are mostly spicy food in the food court. I forgot the name of the food store. I enjoyed the strawberry sundae after. Thanks Pastor Prince. 🙂  Then it was also my first time to eat strawberry taho. Thanks teacher Anna. 🙂


After that, we went to Burnham Park. We chose to ride a bike for 4. I am with the #BLUETEAM or #teamhuli (means always late). It feels like Burnham Park is still the same since I went here. The not so good thing is it rained well the whole afternoon with thunderstorm. Here’s some things I captured around there.

IMG_2614 - Copy


IMG_2613 - Copy

Day 2   (053017)

I am included with the people who will help prepare the breakfast this day so I need to wake up early. I like sleeping all the time because it rains and there’s thunderstorm. Everyone needs to move fast. We need to beat the time. We had a devotion time early in the morning for thanksgiving and prayer for safe travel.  Our itinerary (esp in my team) was a bit messed up for this day. In the first stop, we are all together in Philippine Military Academy (PMA –Airforce). It was a warm morning. We saw the young student soldiers who are training wearing their  uniforms. Old tanks and canyons are displayed there. I also like the old helicopter. If you have a little boy, he will be amazed to see these big toys. Haha!






We also went to the PMA souvenir shop. I didn’t but anything. On the other side, I got a chance to take picture with a soldier. Haha!


After PMA, we went to Tree Top adventure. I was excited to experience zipline but it was cancelled so I just took a picture there. Then, we stop by Camp John Hay and went to the Convergys area there to eat something.


Our team went Minesview Park (there we eat Bulalo for lunch) and took picture. Actually, Minesview is for Day 3. I don’t know why that happened. Haha…! We also went in “The Mansion”.


The clouds are dark already. It is giving us a hint of a rainy afternoon again. *sigh* My mood was brighten up seeing a big dog wearing shades. He is so cute! I couldn’t resist taking a photo of him with me. 😀


And then, we are actually about to go in ASIN village for the hot spring but it was again cancelled as well because of a landslide. So sad right? But, it’s better safe than danger. Instead, we just visited the old Diplomat Hotel. It looks historical though it gave me creeps at the same time.


After that, we went back to the rest house and get ready for dinner. Luckily, we are also able to go out round 9pm for the night market. Unluckily, I was lost there as well when I bought souvenirs. Haha!


Day 3   (053117)



It’s time to go back in Cavite! This is the day of buying “pasalubong” (local goods to bring home). There was an early devotion as giving thanks for the experience there and praying for the safe travel. We are all asked to prepare earlier so we can eat lunch in GOOD TASTE restaurant at 10 am. We dropped by “Mines View Park” for buying more stuffs from Baguio once again. After that we arrived all together in Good Taste restaurant, I must say it was indeed a good taste early lunch because the food has generous serving and also tasty.The Lomi we ate there has these big mushrooms that I don’t really see here in the low lands. Palengke time is next but unfortunately there’s no big grapes anymore. Huhu! Why is it?



Baguio City, Benguet is truly a high place. I can see the clouds touching already the top of the mountain. Going down feels like riding a roller coster. Everything goes around. I regret of not doing the “picking strawberry” activity of all the things I am expected to do there because I love strawberries. I’ll just buy lots of strawberry flavored Pocky biscuit. Haha! Anyway, the best part of the trip for me is the cool breeze during road trip (I love sight-seeing and good thing I am sitting beside the window), biking in Burnham Park and food tripping.

Westhill family — Photo Source : WIS FB Page 

Baguio City is also a historical place especially in times of war here in the Philippines. The Ifugao group (native people) has preserved their lifestyle and continues to protect their treasured culture here in Benguet. Vegetable business is alive. Remember the trending “Carrot Man”. Haha! The usual tourist spot here in PH are white beaches but I must say you must try visiting Baguio for the high land culture and PH history experience.  Thank God for the safe going back trip to Cavite. Until next travel blog!~


8 thoughts on “Travel! : Above and over Baguio :)

  1. Nicely done, I felt like I have taken a deep tour over those places 😀
    Above all of those places you mentioned, I’d love to visit historical buildings and military academy. Historical building might gives us the creep sometimes I agree. Even here in Indonesia we have a lot like that. Thank goodness you were having fun over all those places with nice adventure trip.

    aannndddd Ice cream!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😀😀😀😀
      Thanks Raymond ~♡
      As I have told you, I am not really satisfied with my photography for this trip… but its okay.👌 Oh really? historical places in ID? I am curious about that… let’s talk more about it.😉


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