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(July 2017) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

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The moment of truth has come. July is here. The real action in my new teaching career starts now. It was quite an adjustment to handle 3 classes randomly everyday. With faith, I know I will survive. As far as I can see, I can guarantee that I made the right choice. 🙂  I am truly grateful. Many new things are still to come so help me God. 🙂 The rainy season is here as well. For this month, a rain of blessings still pours in my way. So,  here’s the 10 things that made me smile this July. 😀

1.Meeting my Grade 3 advisory class


Hello Grade 3! I am Teacher Lovely. I will be your class adviser for this school year. This is my first ever advisory class of my own (with 20 students). I heard a lot of good feedback about this batch. I hope they will continue to be like that. They are entrusted to me for this school year. And so, I will do my best to teach, guide, take care and protect the. 🙂

2. Eating Bingsu @ Bon Chon The District Dasma

It is my first time to eat Bingsu. I mentioned on my photo blog on Halo Halo that Bingsu is the Halo2x version of Korea. I am curious how the ice was made. The texture is really soft. It feels like you are eating an ice cream snow. Is there such thing as ice cream snow? I’ll just ask Mr. Google. Haha!

3. Watching movie in class + having my very own teacher’s desk 

I like animation films. I was surprised that children here in WIS can watch movie during their lunch time. I don’t mind eating inside the classroom. Sometimes, I am entertained with what they watch. 🙂 Having your own teacher’s desk is just amazing as well. ❤

4. Eating out with my colleagues 


I think it’s my first time to hang out with my colleagues outside work. I guess it was a good experience to dine in DREAM BEAN CAFE. To know that I’ve been passing by Salitran every Saturday when I go home. #Titafeels already when you just want to stay at home. I also got a chance to know them more. Yes, more to come even if we are actually busy. ❤

5. Bible (NIV) given by Mam Grace Im Sook 

I received a bible with dedication from my employer. One of the best gift I received. It feels like God has drawn me closer to him this time. The word of god never dies. 🙂 It is priceless. ❤ I love my blue and silver version of it. ^o^

6. Laundry shop for mom + Figaro Matcha !

My mom requested to send some of our used clothes to teh laundry shop. I accompany her with dad. The washing machines are so cool. The brand is LG. Imagine, you just need to place all your clothes then it clean it up then after the dryer also will make sure the clothes all dry. It looks like a big oven actually. I keep on laughing staying there. But then, I realized it is costly to stay there not because of the price of their service but FIGARO cafe is beside the shop so…… Matcha all the way~ hahaha…

7. Passing academic writing paper with a new found friend 🙂

My Masters Degree is still on going. I think I also mentioned it in my past few happy things blog. It started last February. I was not able to enroll for the summer class. Still, I keep myself updated on what’s going on with MAESL classes and seminars. It felt that some of my friends I met in this course are not going to push through for the next semester. I felt alone but then out of no where there is someone I have found. 🙂 I stay in contact with sir RNP though we are not really close before. Since we are classmates in 2 subjects (just to realize that), we’ve passed the requirements together. He’s even younger than me but he has inspired me to continue, survive and go beyond with what I can do. Thanks sir RNP!~ Let us do our best!

“Survival of the fittest” – Charles Darwin 😉

8. Chicago Typewriter and Strong Woman (Back2Back) watch 

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How come it is still possible for me to watch K-series? My mom watched enthusiastically K-series every week. I was only dragged because I am passing by in the living room so I can’t helped but see the big screen. I find the drama Chicago typewriter exciting and Strong Woman really hilarious. ❤ Thanks Teach Joan for the copy. 🙂

9.  Suspension of Classes – (July 27 -28)

As always, this is a part of my happy things whenever it happens. I was more thankful this time because free time I have is more purposeful. I was actually in doubt to make way in getting my ATM. Even in simple things, miracle takes place. There was suspension of class that allows me to visit the bank to claim it. Hallelujah! ~ My throat has given time to rest as well. 😀

10. Finally, got my ATM (salary purpose) ^^~

Oh yes!  This last Friday of the month, I was able to activate it. It’s my first time to have ATM with all the job I have been before. My career experiences from day 1 was never easy. It took a long time for me to be in this kind of position and situation. Therefore, I feel blessed. 🙂



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