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The Top 5 Social Media I use

By: Lovely del Mundo 

Connections. One thing that runs our lives everyday. We connect with everyone we encounter at home, school, work and our community. Now with the power of technology, we can also connect with people across the world with different time and space with just split seconds. Cool right? 

How can we do that? That’s with SOCIAL MEDIA. It’s a broad topic for me to discuss the meaning and all. Maybe, I will just make a separate blog on it as an overview to it in general.  But as for now, let us go back to the title of this blog: The TOP 5 Social Media I use 

My objectives on having these 5 accounts are TO PROMOTE MY BLOG and TO HAVE QUICK UPDATES + INTERACTIONS (Local and International). I am presenting you my TOP 5 Social Media I frequently use.

  1. Twitter

I love Twitter the most of all social media existing! It’s always been very convenient for me to be updated on trends, promote my blog easily and express my thoughts/rants FREELY.  This is also the space where I can be myself more because I can say any random things without worries! Also, Twitter brings me closer to my favorite bloggers, bands and actors. @DanielGow even replied to me one time! >///<

Follow me : @thelovelyrhythm

  1. LinkedIn

Linkedin is a career oriented social networking platform. This will make you explore to the job opportunities of your interest.  I like what I see on my Linkedin dashboard. Everything is content smart and worth reading. People you’ll connect here are mostly credible.

Connect with me : Lovely del Mundo 

  1. Facebook

I have a Facebook account since college. I was convinced by my cousin to make an FB account because of the game “Pet Society”. I thought it’s just a gaming website like miniclip. I am not really aware yet that it was like “Friendster”. Also, this time I am so busy updating my Multiply Account.

Presently, Facebook is a social network that I use to instantly connect with family, relatives and friends. I am very careful to post anything on Facebook. I sometimes felt restricted about my thoughts to share here. Somehow, Facebook helped the most in promoting my blogs.

Like my FB page here : Words and Rhythm

  1. Google Plus

Image result for official google plus logo

I started liking it when it helped me increasing my blog traffic. I joined the “Filipino Bloggers Community” which I almost invaded. Sorry for flooding this group! >.< There are also cool photo collections here. I find it accessible for promoting my blog to a specific but still broader market. 🙂

Add me to your circle : Lovely Daughter

  1. Pinterest 

Image result for pinterest

I choose PINTEREST! I find pinterest organized and a link-friendly social media platform. I realized that i need it in my life as a blogger. I keep pinning my recent blogs here though I don’t have that bunch of followers yet. I also like looking into tips on blogging or anything about life. 😀

Follow me : @thelovelyrhythm

 So there you go! Do we have the same social media choices? Share your thoughts by simply leaving comments below. ^o^/~ Ciao!


27 thoughts on “The Top 5 Social Media I use

  1. Hi lovely, I read and remember one of your goals is to inspire other bloggers and you really are working towards that goal👍🏼😊 However, I think understand now, why you mentioned just one year many of your friends/bloggers stopped.

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    1. Yes. It’s one of my goals. I will be very happy to achieve that goal. As of now, my influence wasn’t that strong enough yet and I won’t give up. Regarding that some of my blogger friends, they have their own reasons. It’s something that is out of my control. Some of them has change of interest or have to focus on work.. many reasons. But you know what.. even some of them left,, still those people ..(few of them) still make an effort to connect with me. I value that. whatever path they may take.. maybe not in the blogging world.. at least.. you can still support them.. 🙂

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  2. For me who is new, I find blogging interesting when I write on something I love, but strenuous too. Then I don’t know why not many leave comments, and I can’t help but wondering oh is something missing or not so right ? 😁 (luckily last week , I met you, Lovely )

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    1. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – one of the quotes that I can relate for this comment of yours.

      You did use the word “strenuous”. If in the first place, you’ll see blogging as “work” not a relaxing platform. Well, I can say that.. you might be half hearted about it. technically, it really requires lots of effort to write. there came a point that I am losing topics to’s natural.. but then.. don’t let this hinder you.. you need to overcome it.. go back to the reason why do you blog in the first place?

      Patience dear. you need patience in making other people leave many comments on your blog. I am 5 years here yet I only have 185 followers.. i wasn’t bother… if I have 10 loyal followers then I am blessed. 🙂 Also, don’t wait for others to leave comments to your blog. Make an initiative to leave comments on others blog too!

      Haha.. You’re lucky to meet me! haha.. 😀 Thanks!

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      1. It’s my pleasure. Hope it will help you!:)
        I think I’ve written a long one.. :p I am just into it so yeah.. can’t control to talk that much about it, haha..!


    1. Hello there, Glaiza ! Yes, I know that. Most of my friends are photography enthusiast so they are active in instagram. I used to have one but decided to use pinterest now. hehe! Maybe because I can’t share a blog link there and also can’t filter the photos I only like to see. So yeah…
      I think instagram is cool though. 🙂


  3. IG na lang ata ginagamit ko. I have an account in all of those but I want to curb the time I spend on social media kaya I remove the apps I don’t use. Facebook pinakarecent deleted app ko. Tignan ko kung kaya kong tagalang wala. Hahahaha.

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    1. For a blogger, it’s impossible not to use social media. SM is important to circulate well your articles. 😀 I don’t have IG for the mean time but I’ll go back in the near future.


    1. I used twitter a lot.. In a day when I am so busy, only twitter is what I can open because of real quick updates. The rest are to follow. At the moment, I I don’t have instagram but time will come I will have again for my blog. 😀 I will tell you then. 🙂

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