Fashion: Floral Skirt #OOTD


Model : Yours Truly 

Photography: My brother (ASUS)

Location : Our home 





At long last, I am back for an #OOTD blog. As far as I remember, I had an OOTD post last December 2016. It was quite a long time. I somehow miss it. If you are checking out my 10 happy things every month , I bet you know already how my life was so preoccupied now being a teacher. So, that happened.  🙂

Regarding this fashion, it is my first time wearing this floral skirt which my mom bought. (well actually for herself! haha) I noticed that it can be a good match with my yellow blouse so I tried.  It’s also a good match with my peach heels. ❤ I wore it attending a far-relative gathering this long weekend.  Wow, so this can be titled as “the long weekend OOTD” as well. Haha!

You may share any fashion ideas that you think will fit me well or I need to try by leaving comments below.  Till next time readers! love lots ! xoxo



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