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Career Crossover : Book Review

Career Crossover – From Where You Are to Where You Should Be

by Venchito Tampon Jr.



Career Crossover – From Where You Are to Where You Should Be © 2016

is a an informative, comprehensive and career-directing book that will be appropriate for young adults who are still finding their real path  in their current job or profession. It also serves as a guide as you pursue the career you want in life. It also mentioned some strategies and psychology  you need to learn for your  “goal settings”.

Reading experience

I have become more of a self-help book reader  so I decided to read this e-book. I was in a hustle while reading this book because my life is not only blogging. I give time to read in a day. One chapter per day or if I am tired I read on weekends only. I find it interesting because I am in a state right now where I need an advice for career goals. I guess this is the perfect book for me. It’s very timely. 🙂

How did I get to know this book?

I just received the book’s manuscript from the author via gmail. I discovered it in Blogapalooza page. When I visit FB, I make sure to visit Blogapalooza page because I like to see how other Filipino bloggers doing and also a chance for me to promote my blog. I stumble upon Venchito’s post about his upcoming book. I like the topic so I voluntarily agree to make a review about it.

Venchito as an Author

I can see Venchito as a humble person despite of the things he has successfully achieved in a young age. He still didn’t forget to mention his mentors and all his experiences before getting into success. He needs to maintain that attitude as he goes far in life.I can relate to him because like him he also wanted to be a professional writer but with some sayings that it won’t give him a higher-compensation to survive this modern age  so he needs to find another job. I think it’s a wise choice. That’s what I am also doing right now. Writing is my passion but I need to be wise so I chose teaching as a stable profession and being a blogger at the side to make my life happier. ❤


1.DISCOVERYConnecting the Dots 

  • What are the dots in your life? You need to connect them
  • Hone your skills. Use your resources.
  • Personalities : Dominant Eagle, Influential Rooster, Corrective Tarsier and Steady Carabao. (by: Jayson Lo)

2. DECISIONCareer Choice and Shifting Career 

  •  If you are a professional, it’d be unwise to leave your current job and go for what you are passionate about.
  • 3 H you need to prepare – Head, Hands and Heart
  • Your art is what you do when no one can tell how to do it. Your art is the act of taking personal responsibility, challenging the status quo and changing people

3. DIRECTIONCareer Journey

  • Step by Step Goal Setting Activity
  • Being intellectual humble is the key to get the real value of your mentorship
  •  Platforms – employment, entrepreneur and freelancing

4. MASTERYCareer Growth 

  • Growth is a painful process of learning and unlearning and relearning and making sure all these are applied to our lives.
  • Work -Life balance is the result of a right set of priorities.
  • Make priorities list.
  • Self Evaluation – Assessing your Successes.
  • Be eager to learn than to be entertained.
  • Build Bridges. Don’t take a bug leap.
  • “Knowing what keeps you passionate determines your inner drive for excellence”

5. SIGNIFICANCE – Leaving a Legacy 

  • “Please think about Legacy because you are writing it everyday. ” – Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Connection is the beginning of influence
  • Ripple Effect – is impact to others life
  • Hurtful situation can sometimes be instrument of discovering our potential

What makes learning more significant is when it is done intentionally. Intentional learning gives you the freedom to choose what place, when and who you’ll get the knowledge from. Also, because you’ve invested time and effort for this, you see to it to that everything will be put into practice. Remember, applied knowledge impacts your life. – Venchito Tampon Jr.

Co-Founder and CEO – SharpRocket | Editor-in-Chief of Career Management Blog

Link Building Specialist | Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer 

Overall, this book is worth reading and really helpful. So get a chance to grab a copy of this book. You may contact the author with the details above. Thank you. 🙂

Rating : 7 out of 10 


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