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By: Lovely del Mundo

#Food is a topic where anyone in this planet can relate. Sweet, Spicy, Sour, Salty or even bland… it’s up to you what kind of taste do you prefer. There are people that I know who loves eating. They are called #foodie. If you keep posting food photos, then you are a #foodporn. Why does this era so full of hashtags? Haha! I am not a picky eater. I eat rice and most viands served in front of me in the table. I even love veggies more now as I grow wiser. But the other question is, Do I cook? It’s like… “To be or not to be that is the question”… I am not really interested in cooking. I just need to learn because it’s a practical life skill. Of course, I know the basics of cooking when I need it but not really a passion. I don’t have plans putting up a restaurant something like that. I do like food design or art because it’s fun and take photo of it is more fun.

Since I am working now in a Montessori school, I am getting used to “Food Preparation”. It’s a weekly activity in the classroom. You need to show how to hold a knife for fruits/bread cutting and present a recipe for them to taste. I am learning more and more different recipes of the world as I stay in the school. I develop a little interest to cook because of that. ♥Recently, different Filipino foods were presented to the children like ginataang bilo-bilo, champorado and polvoron for FILIPINO MONTH CELEBRATION.  Filipino Food is known in the world to be fresh, affordable and of course delicioso!

 Since Filipino food is mentioned, I will give you a list of my top 5 FILIPINO FOOD FAVES.

  1. Kwek-kwek or Tokneneng
Image result for kwek-kwek
Photo Source

This has become my favorite Filipino street food.  It means that you can buy it on the sides of the street while walking. It’s quite popular everywhere in the country. It’s hard-boiled egg covered with orange breading. You need to deep fry it then you’ll have it. I love to dip it on a vinegar with cucumber. OH MY GOSH!

  1. Ensaladang Talong
Image result for ensaladang talong
Photo Source

This is the Filipino version of salad. I love the version of Eggplant + Tomato + Onion + Vinegar. It’s more delicious to eat if you keep it on the fridge before eating.  I met Ensaladang talong in Montessori School too because my mom didn’t know that this exist or she just not tried to make one. It’s really good! 😀

  1. Kare – Kare
Image result for Kare-kare
Photo Source

I super love Kare-Kare! I can eat for 3 rounds if this is the viand at home. No question asked. In the university canteen, I prefer to eat it too when lunch time especially when I need to eat more and have a budget. I love eating it with bagoong. The combination is heaven’s grace to your mouth. My mom is good at cooking Kare-Kare! ❤

  1. Goto / Arroz Caldo


This one is perfect to eat when rainy days. It is a kind comfort food of the Filipinos. When you have fever, it is a recommended food to eat too. Sometimes, I prefer this kind of food than going to fast food chains. I love the onion leaves on top and the towel meat. Haha!

  1. The Binalot ( Adobo + Salted Egg + Tomato)
Image result for adobo binalot
photo source

Adobo is a famous Filipino food. It is ever catered Filipino Restaurants in the USA esp in California because there are so many Asians there. The trick in Binalot is that the rice and adobo (+ salted egg and tomato) are all wrapped with banana leaf. You may eat by hand or by spoon. It’s like a Bentou version in japan. Hahaha!


So there you go! That’s my Filipino Food Faves. Any Filipino Bloggers here who can relate with me? Haha! To my Foreign Blogger friends, Why don’t you try Filipino cuisine available in your country or if you visit the Philippines. I am sure you’ll have a great time eating. You definitely say “MASARAP”!.

I would like to recommend you some of my fave FOOD BLOGGERS :




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21 thoughts on “FILIPINO FOOD FAVES (Lovely’s Picks)

  1. I eat almost all Filipino food except for Dinuguan. But among the five Filipino food faves you shared, Kare-kare is what I love the most. And, anyway, thank you so much for recommending us to your foreign friends as your favorite food blogger. It really means so much to us ❤

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    1. Talaga? Hindi ko alam na nagka typhoid ka pala. Isa sa mga paborito ko ang tokneneng. Madali lamang ito kainin. 🙂 Masarap kumain sa binalot. Grabe! kailangan mo itong masubukan! 😀 Ensalada masarap na kasama kainin ay piniritong karne o inihaw ni isda. Tunay na masarap nga ang mga pagkaing Pilipino! 😀

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  2. Is the Ensaladang Talong you mentioned spicy? Kare kare is on our “to taste” list too. We just had Filipino food for the first time in SoCal at D.J. Bibingkahan. It was really tasty. Lovely food pics BTW!

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