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(August 2017) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

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August (Oh! Ghost?) has been tough for me. I now feel the challenge of my work and with some financial concerns at home. I can’t explain those obstacles. But of course, there’s no promise in life that everything  will come smoothly. On the other hand, I must be STILL and keep the faith. And so, I must always see the brightside of things. 😉 Why would I be thankful for this life? Simple things that makes you smile counts. I always tell that to my students whenever they write on their thanksgiving notebook (N10) too. 🙂

  1. Bon Appetea Experience

Finally, I get the chance to dine in BON APPETEA DASMA. It is owned by my college batchmate Arny Ross Roque who is now an actress in GMA7. My coteacher HK is a big fan of hers. I saw how happy she is seeing Arny again in person. Haha!

 The Cafe interior design is cozy and relaxing. You can choose different seats there like couch, pillows (Jpn style), high seats and ordinary. I always appreciate milktea. They also offer pasta and rice meals which is tasty.  I hope I can go back there again for a different set of meal. 🙂

2. Being punctual means Free Lunch (#WISLife) 

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Haha! Goal achieved not to be late going to work. Having a free lunch is a good benefit for an employee like me. 🙂 It motivates me to be punctual. I think it is also a good habit of professionalism. You may have some shortcomings in some area of your work but if you are always punctual then it will balance out your points. Haha! To cut it short, being punctual helps you save up. 😉

3. Meeting Up with Junnie (CTP Friend)


At long last, our meet up is finally realized. It took a long conversations in messenger when will we meet. Junnie by the way is my CTP classmate and commute buddy. She’s one of the people I become close with during my CTP days in La Salle Dasma. One thing common about us also is we’re both dlsud alumnus. It’s good to know about her job now. 🙂 She is more “big time” than me. Haha! #catchingup #teachinglife

4. A drawing from a student 

Cute Drawing from some students are one of the simple things that can make me smile right now.  😀

5.  3 Long Weekends on a row (Aug 21, 28 and Sept 1)

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This is a blessing from the heavens above. Long Weekendsssss is love. ❤ It’s a good time to chill and relax. Good time also to do the activities I want. ❤

6. Ma’am Vicky’s Bday + more birthdays in Primary 

Birthdays can be fun. ^o^~  Our head teacher in primary got a surprise bday mini celeb from the dept. The cake is so adorable. ❤ Haha! Also, I noticed that children’s birthday celeb in WIS could be that “bongga” or a bit grand. I was also blessed with free Jolibee or Mcdo meal everytime some other class students celebrate birthday. Haha!

7. Attending 95th Birthday of a distant relative

We went to my dad’s cousin birthday celebration. Imagine a person who reach the age 95 is really lucky in this generation. It’s good to know your other relatives but then you must be ready for their questions. 🙂 To have a new OOTD for that day made me feel like a woman. 😀

8.  Timmy and Maia’s Glider Baby 

Rd told me that Maia (his glider) has a baby now without him knowing that she is pregnant. I’ve come to learn that sugar gliders are not obvious when they are pregnant. Even their body size remains the same?  Hope to see more videos of the growing glider family. ❤

9. Spelling Activities

Spelling Activities is my favorite part of teaching in English class. You can give your students more kind of games. They also like it. Scramble words, Spelling bee and Sparkle game. 😀 I think this is cool. I must find more activities for it.

10.  The success of Bible Month Celebration 2017 #WISLife


I can see the children’s effort to do their best in practicing to perform the Psalm 148 and “Lord I life your name up high”. It’s my first time to teach actions for a program presentation. ( Say what? :o)


God ways in my life right now makes me appreciate more the real meaning of life. Just seeing the kids happy and excited makes you feel the same too. 🙂 On this day of the event, we experienced trial with technical (lights) difficulty. I think it’s true that God is testing us so we can learn something out of it. By faith, everything was solved in the end.

#adviserfeels #teachinglife #biblemonth


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