Mortal Instruments ~ City of Bones (2013) : Movie Review


In New York City, a seemingly ordinary teenager named Clary Fray (Lily Collins) learns that she is descended from a line of Shadowhunters — half-angel warriors who protect humanity from evil forces. After her mother (Lena Headey) disappears, Clary joins forces with a group of Shadowhunters and enters Downworld, an alternate realm filled with demons, vampires and a host of other creatures. Clary and her companions must find and protect an ancient cup that holds the key to her mother’s future. (Source:wiki)



Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013) is a Urban fantasy, adventure and romance. I was thinking that the author of the book was influenced by Harry Potter because It has some similarities in the idea of the story like mundane = mudblood.  In real life, I can compare it with someone who has an unusual ability who’s still struggling with the unknown power. 


The story focuses on the life of Clary Fray as she discovered a secret that was hidden to her all her life. It was all reveled to her one day when her mom was being attacked in their house. He desire to see her mom again made her join the alliance of Jace and the other shadow hunters in the Institute. 


Clary is 5’2 with curly red hair, green eyes, pale skin, and freckles. She is said to look like her mother – who is described as beautiful and small. Clary sometimes doubts the fact that she is as beautiful as her mother, believing herself to be a duller version of her mother, with less defined features. She is rather small and thin. She is described by Jace many times throughout the series as “delicate”.

Shadowhunter living at the New York Institute with his adopted family. Jace’s legal name changes throughout the series, from Jace Wayland (when his father is thought to be Michael Wayland), to Jonathan Morgenstern (Valentine son), to Jace Herondale (When his true father is revealed to be Stephen Herondale). His mother was the young Celiné, a member of Valentine’s inner circle with Stephen Herondale.

Clary’s best friend. He accompanies Clary in her adventures, despite being human for the first book, and most of the second book.


It’s awesome. Some Fantasy Adventure movie looks lame but this one is cool. I like the part when Clary drew a rune symbol to stop the monster demons approaching them. 


  • New York City
  • The Witch’s Apartment
  •  The Institute
  • House Parties
  • Clary’s House
  • Goth Club

Comments and Suggestions

I first learned this story series when a Korean student reads the book version of this movie. It seemed to be interesting by that time then. But, I don’t have time to read real novel books because I’m a busy person.(seriously) I even have a copy of 50 Shades of Grey E-books but I didn’t finish it.  No plans of finishing it either.  It’s cool to know that they have made a movie version of City of Bones.  It was interesting to watch because Lily Collins plays the lead character which is Clary. Her love interest here Is Jace.  They are a real couple off camera as my mom researches it in youtube. I don’t know about my mom… haha!

Clary (Lily Collins) and Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower) share a moment in Screen Gems fantasy-action THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES.

  I tried watching it because my cousin has a copy. I thought it was interesting because its action adventure and fantasy. It’s my kind of movie to watch. I remember how obsessed I am with Harry Potter before. Speaking of Harry Potter, there some scenes that I can compare with it. Oh well, I haven’t review any Harry Potter films yet. I’m going to do that don’t worry. Haha! It must be really a good review. My childhood lies with harry Potter films. Haha! Sorry, it’s becoming off the topic. Anyway, I am talking about the similarities of the dimension in the City of Bones and a scene in Diagon Alley.  You need to watch it for you to know. There are places that only shadow/demon hunters can see which is invisible in the eye of ordinary humans. (Or mud-blood in HP)

Harry looks lost in this film? HAHA just kidding..:p

Clary Fray: Why can I see you and no one else can?
Jace Wayland: You’re not a mundane.
Clary Fray: What’s a mundane?
Jace Wayland: Someone from the human world.
Clary Fray: If I’m not human, what am I?

  What thrilled me about this film is the action filled scenes with vampires and the wolves. The action doesn’t stop each scene. I also like the different dimensions used there and the water wall for teleportation. Cool!  There is also witchcraft involved but not given real emphasis.  About the Plot, It made me feel that I am in a different world. It made me sit in front of the computer for the longest time on a weekend watching with my mom and brother. Most likely, we all enjoyed it until the end. I was not bored. Thanks to this movie! I researched its rating in IMdb. It’s only 6/10. I was very surprised because for me it deserves a higher one.  I was comparing it to Divergent. Divergent got a higher rating. I don’t understand because honestly I really don’t like Divergent.

 In my opinion, City of Bones is really a good movie. I would definitely watch the next installment of this based on the book. I am hoping they’ll make a movie as soon as possible.  Our speculation why it got low rating is because of the story’s romance has a revelation in the end  is a taboo in our society. (I won’t spoil you anyway) I was thinking that maybe in the next film will tell that it’s not the truth. I think the romance/love interest there is the factor. What else? Everything else for me is fine and has passed my expectation. I don’t know with the people who already read the book. Maybe, some of them are disappointed. That’s just my guess. I really can’t tell. I based my opinion on what I have watched. ^^

 Overall, I think this movie is wort-watching and a movie that I can re-watch again.  I like Clary as the protagonist. I like Lily Collins portraying this role. 😀 Her life story is really complicated, abnormal and out of this world. I’m hoping to have her justice for her identity and origin. Her memory was also sealed just for her to be safe. She has potential/talent in rune making. She’s stronger as she seems. As for Jace, He’s that strong and brave shadow/demon hunter that can be very dependable on fights. The life of a shadow/demon hunter is really critical and tough. It’s riskier than being just a hunter.

Be Brave. Kill the Demons.Watch this Film!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Source: Google Images and IMDB.


11 thoughts on “Mortal Instruments ~ City of Bones (2013) : Movie Review

    1. Ah… most of the people who have read the book don’t like the movie. It got really low ratings! For me who doesn’t have a background about the novel, I enjoyed watching the movie. I am also a fan of Lily Collins that’s why. It will never have the next movie as they have said.. so sad.. 😦

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    1. Most of the fans also prefer the book than the movie. I was just bias because of Lily Collins. hehe.. Thanks for the comment Arria! You really love reading aren’t you? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I like her beauty.. haha..! Wow.. now i want to watch mirror mirror… its obvious arria.. look at your primary photo..youre reading a book..hmm.. HP.. i havent read novels recently.. inly self help books now.. hihi..


  1. As someone who is an absolute Cassandra Clare fan, and read City of Bones quite a number of times I disliked the movie. One of the main reasons is that some of the most iconic quotes are said by different characters in the movie. Also, I think that my version of the shadow world is so much different than what they portray in the movie. But I can definitely see someone liking this film if they never read the books.


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