10 Happy Things

(September 2017) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

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Surviving the September thrill. Last year, I had to take my LET so I didn’t blog a lot on September. This year, it was tough. I had to deal with some other things that really challenged me.  I blog less as well. My schedule is really hectic. Eventually, I can devise a technique to manage well my time. 🙂

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” – anonymous 

  1. Meeting Charlie Puss.. ❤

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First, I am not a cat person. :3 ….but yeah, Charlie looks adorable.  Meeting Charlie Puss was not really a big deal rather being able to chi-chat with Jana, my long time friend. It’s good to meet her. It seems like she’s gotten healthier than me right now. HAHA! Peace out Janapee! ^^v

2. Watching “Tanaka is always listless”

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What can you say about being listless? Tanaka is the master of this title. He doesn’t like eventful life and rather sleep. I was able to download anime. Thanks to the guidance of my blogger friend, Lethargic Ramblings.  I want enough time to finish my review about it.. waaah >.<

 3. Having the me gusta brown leather back pack bag. ❤


I am longing to have a new bag. 🙂 I was able to buy one on a lower price. It is a brown leather back pack. I only use it when I go to my graduate studies class every Saturday. You know… #studentfeels. Hahaha! I just felt happy to use it every weekend. ❤ I feel young.

4. Dining in SAMBROS CAFE 

I am able to hop on to different cafes here in Dasma because of my co-teachers. I experienced dining in one time on SAMBROS. It’s near BPI bank.  It feels like it’s a light bulb themed cafe. Haha!~ I enjoyed the MATCHA drink. The price is reasonable. I am really having a desire now to be a cafe blogger. hahaha! ❤

5. Eating salad veggies and choco cake on my parent’s wedding anniv.

Eating this kind of cake just made me happy. ’nuff said. 🙂

6.   I am officially enrolled MAESL (Sept. 1)

Whoa~ The struggle was real when I was about to enroll this first semester for AY. 2017-2018. I was not able to enroll at ease because my account was hold for a reason that is not reasonable because I know I am clear already. I was also separated with my MA frienee, Sir RNP. huhu… He took already the subject that I am taking right now so… Anyway, I prayed for it. Fortunately, everything went well after I am officially enrolled. Graduate school is more interesting  yet challenge for me. 🙂 (Though, I feel like irreg.. haha)

7. Eating Bibimbap on @BonChonPH

I am getting used to eating Korean food. I am working in an IS leaded by a Korean head directress.  I can stand spicy food right now also. I also like how colorful Korean food is. I had a #bibimfun @BONCHONPH ❤

8.  Accomplished PTC and Card Release Day.

This is my first ever PTC as an adviser in a class. I need to talk to parents one at a time. I did it for four hours. How was that possible? I am thankful that it went well to me and all the primary dept. teachers. 😀

9.  Back to back “pasalubong” goodies! 

Little things do make me smile. 🙂 A little thought counts. Now, I am thinking when is my time to travel too. Haha! #hoping #soon

10. Dine In Osaka, Takoyaki Restaurant 

I just couldn’t believe that I can eat okonomiyaki this day. Before, I am just imagining myself trying to dine on a Japan restau and it finally happen. I had a good laugh with my new found frienee, Sir JJP.  😀


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