Events! : Bring ANIME’ to life in COSMANIA 2017!

Events! : Bring ANIME’ to life in COSMANIA 2017!

Sunday, October 1, 2017 – SMX (Mall of Asia)

By: Lovely del Mundo


Hello fellow anibloggers and otaku friends! I know you will be interested reading  my  event blog about COSMANIA EVENT 2017. Finally, I am back in making events blog! I am reeaally longing to do this… I’ve been so busy with my full-time job right now. I didn’t really get this chance to update WORDS and RHYTHM that much. As you can notice, most of my posts are rescheduled reviews blog.


I am a bit hype right now to share my experience attending Cosmania 2017. This weekend is really hectic. Weekends are not really the “ideal” rest days for a supergirl like me. I even call myself a biowoman or wonderwoman sometimes because of the activities that I still do despite of my piled-up workload and my activity-filled calendar. Enough with this explanation. Let’s get into my experience with the event now.

20171001_133126 (1).jpg
I attended DAY 2 only!~ Silver ticket.

Unlike others who bought ticket in advance, I chose to buy ticket on the day of the event instead because I have no time to transact money in advance and still need to learn its process. The ticket is a bit pricey but I do understand why. It can be reasonable because they have invited big stars of cosplay and voice actors. However, I am not really into those personalities because I am only after the cosplayers and rare items to be found there.


It was a super box office. The line was too long. You need enough patience until you get your stamp for the entrance. I was able to survive. I just get the chance to took photos all over the venue outside. I also see different anime characters and amazing costumes that are detailed and obviously made with full of effort. 😮



Who would not recognize Sakura and Naruto? Naruto is such a timeless anime’. I am still in high school when this anime became popular. These cosplayers gave their best pose indeed!


Who would ever think Gaara can be Yui’s lover? Haha! I am actually trying to find K-ON Cosplayers since it’s my favorite anime. I only find Yui Hirasawa so I took the chance but she’s with Gaara. Haha! I also saw Kaito of HunterxHunter. I really love HxH so if I see someone cosplay a character then I will really take a photo of them.  I can’t find Killua. 😦

with cospl;ayers.jpg

More and more anime characters was brought to life by these awesome cosplayers. I really stopped when I saw Yuri Pilsetsky of Yuri! on ice because he’s also my favorite in this series. I enjoyed the agape and eros battle so there you go. Haha! ❤ I also met Saitama of One Punch man though I didn’t feel to watch it really.  I don’t know why I took a picture of this anonymous ninja. Haha! This time I am just choosing random cosplayers. I regret that I wasn’t able to take photo of Kaori of Your lie in April. Waah! I saw some cosplayer. I missed them!

I found this cosplay cutie! ❤ hahaha… #feelingshy

Here are some toy collection, kawaii items and random J-pop booths.







Got only these Hogwarts Badge and Rilakkuma Clips goodies in Cosmania. Most of the items displayed there are more expensive than its real price. 😮


My main reason why I decided to still go on this event because of my distant friendships. The friendship I found with my fellow otaku (Carmey) and anime bloggers (Rose and Kira) who are all attending the event because of anime and blogging. I just don’t want to miss this only chance to meet them again (for Carmey) and for the first time (for Kira and Rose).  <3<3<3

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling
with Carmey and friends ❤
Finally, I got to meet Kira and Rose. (Anibloggers)

Follow them on twitter : @kiraerls and @rrc90four

I was so grateful and happy to meet you all this day. I am hoping we can have this chance again next time. Attending Cosmania 2017 is not really a priority but then I made way to let his happen. Comparing with my experience last year, I like what I saw (the items and cosplay)  before than now. This year it felt like it was more crowded. Maybe, it’s because they invited more popular J-celebs. This event is becoming well-known as well. Nevertheless, I enjoyed both experiences at the same time. Next year, I want to try a different kind of event that is Japan/Anime related. I’ll just update you regarding that. 😉

I think that’s all for now.  Thanks for reading! Till’ next time! Jia neh~

Cosmania 2017 selfie ~ Mori Girl inspired OOTD ❤

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