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(October 2017) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

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 Hello October! This is one of the busy and hectic month of mine for this year. It feels like I am having cough for a month also. (really tough…)  It was challenging to both worlds of my #WISLife and #GSLife. Even so, I still enjoy the blessings that comes my way unexpectedly. Hopefully, there’s more to come in the future. Haha! Semestral break comes. Time flies too fast so you need to put on your seatbelts.

Now, here’s my 10 happy things for Occttobberrrr!!

  1. World Teacher’s Day 2017 (Cuyab Hot Spring)

I am celebrating now Teacher’s day in WIS (my new employer). It is a bigger school. There are more students and teachers there. It’s a new experience for me this school year. I am just expecting that we will have a dine out. This day I still have dry cough but it didn’t stop me to swim. Hah! (I don’t want to join at first but a part of me is excited to dive.) I actually miss the water (swimming). ❤ Good thing, it’s Onsen or Hot Spring. Is it good for my throat?

Also, I got more teacher’s day gifts this day. I got the chance to sing again in a karaoke. I miss the things that I used to do when I am not that busy. Haha! XD

  1. Attending Cosmania Event 2017

Oh yeah! I am glad that I was able to attend Cosmania 2017. There’s a lesser chance for me to attend because of my schedule.  Nothing stopped me because I want to go.  I made an event blog about it.:)

  1. Treat for Family (MCDO breakfast)

Whenever I have my pay, I make time to treat my parents (ok, family now because of my brother). There’s a sense of fulfillment when I see them happy.  My family is my first friends and housemates. Whatever happens to me good or bad, they will be the immediate concern people. I saw it already how your family is the only one beside you when everything fails. I value them.  I grant my dad’s request of breakfast in Mcdo with a coffee.

  1. 2 Days No Class because of #transportstrike

There’s a sudden class suspension because of this nationwide transport strike announced by the PH government. It means there would be no public transportation to be available for two days so it’s better to have no class.  It’s my time to do more of my tasks in class and rest my throat.

  1. G3 Loves Science Task

I asked the G3 students to do a performance task. It’s  about sense organs poster making. I didn’t tell it to them in advance. They were surprised to know that. But then, they did their very best to make it. I also like the way they presented it in front of the class. I feel proud. I am not even a science major.

  1. Krispy Kreme loves ❤


One Saturday, I had this chance to buy Krispy Kreme. I think it’s been a long time since I ate Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I freaking love the cappuccino here as well. ❤ My mom’s heart is still with J.co though?

  1. I just received my first ever company ID!!! 

Wow! I graduated 2011 then getting my first company ID in 2017. Where have I  been for so long? Haha! Sometimes delays do happen this real even for simple things like a company ID. 😮

  1. Meejmuse Reply

I can’t believe that  Jen was a full-time teacher before before becoming this well -known beauty vlogger in Youtube.  I tweeted about her video. She suddenly replied. I was like… “Wow!”

  1. Academic Writing paper was finally accepted 🙂

This one is really…. the challenge for me.  This thing made me worry for 3 weeks.  I can’t believe that I can encounter some problem like this.  The pressure was on because I don’t want to suffer my grades just because of being late. I came to the point that I am already defending it with my professor so I collected the works of my classmates just to prove myself.  It’s a long story though. Thanks ma’am for accepting it still in the end. :’)

10. Semestral break and Watching Thor: Ragnarok

Welcome Sem break long break – a chance to have some rest for a little while. I get the chance to watch Thor: Ragnarok with the family. ❤ Thor is more handsome with short hair. haha!~ I will make a movie review about it so watch out!


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