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Take Time to Relax! : My 5 ways on how to de- stress

By: Lovely Del Mundo There are times that you feel like giving up. There are times you feel so exhausted. There are times you feel pressured. As they say, it’s not always a sunny day in life but don’t let the rain drown you . Just deal with it right away to let it pass!… Continue reading Take Time to Relax! : My 5 ways on how to de- stress

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Workspace Goals!

Workspace Goals ❤ By: Lovely del Mundo “I need space”… That’s a typical line that you will hear from a couple’s conversation leading to a cool off stage. “ I need SPACE!”… That’s my monologue at the top of my head because I want (literally) a PERSONAL WORK SPACE inside our house. Ugh! My bedroom… Continue reading Workspace Goals!


How to write a good Resume

  Resume is the the summary of your employment capabilities and personality. It’s very important to make the best resume so that the employer will put you to the short list right away.  Here is a guide how to make one: TIPS HOW TO WRITE A GOOD RESUME   Format Your Resume Wisely “Do the Hiring… Continue reading How to write a good Resume

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Surviving the Summer Heat

By: Lovely del Mundo Summer is here again! Mr. Sun shines boldly to the land. Outings and trips are mostly water related activities like swimming and swimming again.  I am here just to give you some tips on what I do to survive this  summer heat. 1.HYDRATE 8 glasses of water is the ideal amount to… Continue reading Surviving the Summer Heat

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The Classy Rose Gold Samsung J16

Photo source : Youtube (with detailed specs) By: Lovely del Mundo One of the things visible always inside my bag is a cellphone. It’s essential in the sense that you need to connect at home or to other people. I am an sms (text msg) person rather than a call person. So, if I call… Continue reading The Classy Rose Gold Samsung J16


Tips! : How to pass LET Board Examination?

By: Lovely del Mundo Taking an exam will make you feel anxious because it’s time pressured and you hope for good result. It’s like going to the battlefield without knowing if you will be victorious or not in the end. Still, you will always have the chance to prepare in any battle. I took the… Continue reading Tips! : How to pass LET Board Examination?


Benefits of Basic YOGA

BENEFITS OF YOGA By: Lovely del Mundo It’s hard to find serenity nowadays especially on this fast paced world. You need to move fast to finish your task right away. You are so pre-occupied with everything. It can be stressful at times yet it’s all inevitable we need to survive the game of life. This… Continue reading Benefits of Basic YOGA