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FILIPINO FOOD FAVES (Lovely’s Picks) By: Lovely del Mundo #Food is a topic where anyone in this planet can relate. Sweet, Spicy, Sour, Salty or even bland… it’s up to you what kind of taste do you prefer. There are people that I know who loves eating. They are called #foodie. If you keep posting… Continue reading FILIPINO FOOD FAVES (Lovely’s Picks)

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The Top 5 Social Media I use

By: Lovely del Mundo  Connections. One thing that runs our lives everyday. We connect with everyone we encounter at home, school, work and our community. Now with the power of technology, we can also connect with people across the world with different time and space with just split seconds. Cool right?  How can we do… Continue reading The Top 5 Social Media I use

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Workspace Goals!

Workspace Goals ❤ By: Lovely del Mundo “I need space”… That’s a typical line that you will hear from a couple’s conversation leading to a cool off stage. “ I need SPACE!”… That’s my monologue at the top of my head because I want (literally) a PERSONAL WORK SPACE inside our house. Ugh! My bedroom… Continue reading Workspace Goals!

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26, Going Further

It’s been really amazing how things happened last year particularly in my career and blog. I have learned a lot with my experiences. It helped me to improve in some areas I need to work on myself and some shortcomings I had in my blog. I am always grateful about it. I believe most of… Continue reading 26, Going Further

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Valentine’s Special: My FAVE REAL COUPLES

By: Lovely del Mundo Sweet Stuffs. Roses and Chocolates. Couples walking holding hands. Things you are expecting to see on this day. They are common already. What got my attention recently is the TV ADs from a fast-food restaurant. I was quite entertained of how people (Filipinos) reacted to it. Truly, showing values that struck the… Continue reading Valentine’s Special: My FAVE REAL COUPLES

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I am Hired! : What to do on your 1st week?

I am Hired! : 5 things you need to learn in the 1st week on the Job By:  Lovely Del Mundo After graduation, newly graduates are on their way for Job Hunting. Most of them are excited because it is a new chapter in life. They are free from home works and school rules. But… Continue reading I am Hired! : What to do on your 1st week?

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Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals By: Lovely Del Mundo Many women want to be a JUNE Bride. I don’t know the exact reason why they want to be a June Bride. Is there really significance about that? Is it tradition? Some will prefer February because it’s the Valentine’s month. Some will prefer December because it’s Christmas time. I… Continue reading Relationship Goals