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Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals By: Lovely Del Mundo Many women want to be a JUNE Bride. I don’t know the exact reason why they want to be a June Bride. Is there really significance about that? Is it tradition? Some will prefer February because it’s the Valentine’s month. Some will prefer December because it’s Christmas time. I… Continue reading Relationship Goals

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September Blog Hiatus

Dear Readers, It’s a start of – BER months once again. We’re all looking forward to the cool breeze of Christmas. Let me get straight to the point now. I will be in hiatus in social media and blogging this SEPTEMBER. Yes, I will be less active in the online world in a month. I… Continue reading September Blog Hiatus

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25, Keep looking ahead

  Wow! Now, I am making a birthday blog and still a blogger. I even become a teacher now. Also, I am a university student again for a post graduate course. It was totally insane that I was able to have 3 titles within just one year! Oh snap! 😮 It’s hard to believe but… Continue reading 25, Keep looking ahead

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World’s Teacher Day Celebration 2015

Oct 5, 2015 Quote: “Let the children/youth be inspired with the joy of learning. Transform them into the most beauty of their existence” – Lovely del Mundo To touch the hearts of your pupils and to inspire them with the Christian spirit is the greatest miracle you can perform, and one which God expects of… Continue reading World’s Teacher Day Celebration 2015