Tips! : How to pass LET Board Examination?

By: Lovely del Mundo Taking an exam will make you feel anxious because it’s time pressured and you hope for good result. It’s like going to the battlefield without knowing if you will be victorious or not in the end. Still, you will always have the chance to prepare in any battle. I took the… Continue reading Tips! : How to pass LET Board Examination?

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Bisita Iglesia

Bisita Iglesia is a Filipino-Catholic tradition which is practiced every Holy Week (Maundy Thursday). This is the time when people reflect about Jesus Christ sacrifice as narrated in the Station of the Cross. “Bisita Iglesia” was a Spanish term that means “Church Visit” in English. (Note: Spain brought Catholicism in the Philippines.) It literally means… Continue reading Bisita Iglesia

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The Little Things ♥ (+ life update)

Annyeong!:) It’s been a while where I haven’t post anything here in WordPress. OMG! I’m soooo busy or what? I think it is the first post this 2012. hehehehe! Anyway, It’s nice to be back here. I haven’t updated you about my life right now. This post will do it. Ok? And, Hopefully I will… Continue reading The Little Things ♥ (+ life update)