Hapchan’s Beef Broccoli

Title:  Beef with Broccoli! Date: May 21, 2017 Camera: Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) Location:  Hapchan Tea House Impression: It’s my first time to dine in Hapchan Tea House. My dad would always want us to eat in this Chinese restaurant. It never failed! I love~ my dining experience there. I believe in their claim that they serve authentic… Continue reading Hapchan’s Beef Broccoli


Life is beautiful with ice cream

Title: Pink Ice Kurim! Date: April 2016 Camera: Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) Location:  Mall Impression: It’s just nice to eat an ice cream after class. You see this nice quote in the wall and decided to take photo of it. There’s an aftershocks of earthquakes we felt even in mall actually this day. >.<  


Tonkatsu with Veggies

Date: March 2017 Camera: Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) Location: Taz Verde Impression: I explored some new cafes I have never been before in my college time in DLSU-D. I discovered Taz Verde in front of gate 2.  It is actually a cafe with some limited viand choices. I love the beverages and viands offered. The meat is tender… Continue reading Tonkatsu with Veggies

Infinite thoughts


FILIPINO FOOD FAVES (Lovely’s Picks) By: Lovely del Mundo #Food is a topic where anyone in this planet can relate. Sweet, Spicy, Sour, Salty or even bland… it’s up to you what kind of taste do you prefer. There are people that I know who loves eating. They are called #foodie. If you keep posting… Continue reading FILIPINO FOOD FAVES (Lovely’s Picks)


Chicken Nuggets with Lettuce Burger!

Title:  King size Burger for me! 😀 Date: February  2016 Camera: Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) Location: Burger King Impression: Oh yes! I am not really a burger fanatico but I am here with Chicken Nuggets Burger.  I really enjoyed eating it in Burger King branch in SM Molino. It taste just right. Just the burger and fries was… Continue reading Chicken Nuggets with Lettuce Burger!